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You have reached the right place in your search for the best online dating sites that offer the best value for money. In saying that, please feel free to contact us with all your questions and desires about these internet dating services. We have a strong, established team who researches thousands of online reviews and specifications so that you receive a comprehensive list to choose from that meets your needs best.

We derive great satisfaction from our site from its increasing traffic, and this in turn results in the large number of specified questions from our readers which come through the contact page.

We take every single question from our readers to heart, and hence we put this article together with all the notes we have taken along the way. We want to place them all in one accessible page to answer all your queries with the objective in mind for you to just go straight to picking the best online dating sites.

The Most Frequently Asked Question

The most common question we are asked is the following: "Why do you provide such helpful and detailed advice and reviews to your readers for free? Is there a catch in this? How do you make your money from a project like this?"

We know where this valid query comes from, and we have no issue relaying the truth to you.

The simple answer is: our services are not for free!

Okay, so if it's not free why does it appear to be free for the readers?

The quick answer to that is the reviews are free for all internet users; the in-depth information is for all readers to make use of. But, we do make a profit for the long hours and great effort our team invests into each review.

This compensation doesn't; however, come from our readers.

We invite you to read further to get a full grip on what we suggest about how we generate revenue.

The Best Online Dating Reviews & Affiliate Marketing

The internet is the prime place to generate profit.

When companies publish on the web, they are several ways in which to produce revenue.

  1. Pay-per-click or a flat-fee basis are two ways in which to charge for advertising space on a site for advertisers to use.
  2. You can establish an agreement called an affiliate partnership by which a company publishes content to makes sales from. The content generates traffic on the publisher's site and a profit is paid by the advertiser to the publisher for actual sales.

We abide by the second option. This is how we bring in our income.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has gone across the board.

You all know Amazon.com, right? This website has established a chief platform in this kind of marketing called, Amazon.com Associates.

How about the sites that work on coupons, such as: slickdeals.net, or hot-deals.org?

All these websites generate profit from affiliate programs.

BestDatingSite.Reviews has established affiliate partnerships with lots of online dating services. They send us updates which stipulate which of their purchases have resulted from our site's recommendation.

This is how we make money!

What Makes Best Dating Site Reviews Stand Out?

Other online dating review websites often offer banner advertising and nothing more.

Let us explain the aforementioned:

  • You land on a site and press the banner ad of, for example: Match.com, or eHarmony.
  • A tracking device called a cookie is placed on your PC so the website knows which advert you pressed on.
  • Once you purchase a product, within 30 days the review site earns a commission from the relevant advertiser of the product.

We do things differently!

We do have what is called passive content on pages, like: helpful Q&As, our review pages which contain in-depth and thorough information by our experts in the online dating vertical, and more.

However, it doesn't end there!

We have a feature which sets us apart from the rest.

This feature is the value we offer in our reviews.

This nature of this value is the advice based on the personal experience of the team members of the dating sites. They are honest and reliable people who evolve into experts of all things online dating and its particular niches.

The goal is to relay objective advice backed up by comprehensive research; however, we add that X-factor. This factor is the helpful advice which results from the personal experience of our savvy online dating writers.

We don't just stop there!

Our approach is also one-of-a-kind.

We play an active role in our readers' quest for the best online dating services that suit each individual's desires.

We comb the web to find the most appropriate online dating service when you reach out to us; we don't just offer passive content.

We Provide an Expert Opinion

BestDatingSite.Reviews commits to providing our readers with professional advice on everything about online dating without any strings attached.

We truly have your back in your search for the best service; hence we turned a complex process into an easy one for you.

We are always thrilled to take part in your choice for the best online dating site.

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