eHarmony Review – A Serious Dating Site for Marriage

He loves me, he loves me not…She loves me, she loves me not.

Come on, we're sure you played this French game of effeuiller la marguerite at least once in your lifetime; okay, maybe twice, thrice?

Well, we have good news for you, and perhaps more so for those poor little daisies.

There is no need for playing anymore guessing games!

Read this exciting and informative eHarmony review to get the lowdown on one of the best online dating sites for love and serious relationships!


He loves me, he loves me not!

She loves me - she loves me not! prides itself as the best place to find a spouse online, never mind just love.

The company specifically states that it is a serious dating site for marriage, and it calls itself the 1st dating service to use relationship science (read below for juicy details on its successful marriage stories).

It accounts for 5% of US marriages since its conception. How's that for serious?!

Yep, you heard it.

But the fun hasn’t stopped, in fact it's only just begun with eHarmony's innovative online dating questions, guided communication, scientific matching system, and easy profile interface. 

Pros Cons
In-depth Scientific Matching System Cannot do anything if eHarmony doesn't find matches for you
Different countries have tailored sites Automatic renewal for credit card payments
Guided & unguided communication Long sign up and profile creation
Modern & easy user interface Need to pay to view photos
Detailed profile information Expensive payment plans

eHarmony wedding happiness

Happiness of an eHarmony wedding

About eHarmony -  If Marriage Is On the Cards, Look No Further

Welcome to the world of Dr. Neil Clark Warren!

Dr. Warren, a leading relationship psychologist, had an epiphany in the late 90s; however, this inspiration was borne out of 35 years of ongoing research, four decades of counseling married couples, and a further three years of in-depth research on long-lasting relationships.

He made the following observations, which form the pillars of eHarmony's dating site.

  1. Lasting relationships are a result of quality over quantity.
  2. Finding love shouldn’t be left up to chance.
  3. Marriage-minded couples looking for a serious relationship need a certain level of compatibility for it to last; initial bonds cannot combat extreme differences.

Ok, so now what?

This may seem like a lot to take in, but not for Warren and Dr. Galen Buckwalter.

In the year 2000, eHarmony was born in the USA.

They used this all this rich knowledge on serious relationships to build a scientific matching compatibility formula to enhance dating and marriage profiles.  This matching formula is the signature of the dating site.

So the crux of this dating site?

eHarmony is not a hookup website; it encourages singles to build serious relationships, with a goal to find a spouse online!

The crux of eHarmony's dating site

The crux of

Over the years, as a result of powerful national ad campaigns, eHarmony has spread its wings across the world, especially in Canada, Australia and the UK.

The dating experts tailored each country's platform and questionnaires to serve the needs of the culture and language.

The UK site was established in 2008, followed by the Español site in 2015, which is translated and specifically assembled for Spanish-speaking daters looking for love online.

eHarmony also gained momentum as a result of mention in various publications and articles, in the likes of New York Times.

Membership – Who Are These Marriage-Minded Singles? caters for all heterosexuals over the age of 18 around the world from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Those of other sexual orientations are redirected to, the companion dating site.

Today there are about 50 million members and around 2.5 million singles join per month.

These numbers are attributed to all 50 states in America and over 150 countries.

eHarmony was originally established to target Christian singles in the USA, who wanted to find love online, but the target audience burgeoned as the years unfolded.

How do we know?

There are links at the bottom of the sign-up page that lead to specific audiences, such as: Jewish, Senior Asian, and Hispanic dating, to mention a few, as well as country-specific dating links.

eHarmony's different audience sites

Sites for eHarmony's different audiences

Let's take a peek at some cold, hard stats taken from Alexa and Quantcast.

Unlike and, the women take the lead in this one but not by a long shot.

The gender ratio for men to women is 48:52.

Most of the male members are over the age of 35, while the females are under 30 years old.

eHarmony's membership by age

Membership by age on

This also explains the higher level of affluence for most members compared to other sites.

Income Percentage of Members (%)
Under $50k 29
$50k-$100k 28
$100k-$150k 25
Over $150k 18

As we mentioned before, provides dating services for singles of all ethnicities, but according to the statistics, there is a concentrated percentage of Caucasians over other ethnic backgrounds.

eHarmony's membership by ethnicity

Membership by ethnicity on

Another element that is added to profiles most of the time is education.

Some people are just looking for that nutty professor, perhaps.

Here is where the site stands with its members' education level ratio:

Level of Education Percentage of Members (%)
High School 40
Bachelor's Degree 45
Graduate Degree 15

I think you'll agree that online dating sites can spell T.R.O.U.B.L.E for unfaithful partners and cheaters.

Well, eHarmony has this covered.

Admin tracks all your answers and selections.

People who are separated but not divorced cannot join the dating site, as well as those with a dubious relationship history and discrepancies in their personality sign-up. 

eHarmony does not allow separated people!

Separated people are not allowed on!

There are several membership and payment plans to choose from.

To get the lowdown on what each one entails, read under the Pricing section.

For now, we will enlighten you with the following:

You can sign up for free and derive some benefits from the site which is awesome; however, like most quality dating sites, nothing is for free.

eHarmony tens to lean on the more expensive side of the see-saw, but the motto is quality over decide for yourself!

The membership plans are:

The 3 payment options offer access to more and better features of communication and matching.

How to Sign Up to The World of Matching & Marriage -  You Might Want to Make Yourself a Large Cuppa!

Count to 8!

When it comes to signing up and personality profile creation, eHarmony takes the cake!

A cake divided into 8 big, chunky pieces, that is!

Like we said above, you may want to make yourself something to drink, as you'll need about an hour to complete the initial procedure.

The first most important steps take about 15-20 minutes, but in order to boast a full profile, set aside the afternoon.

Don’t let this discourage you. It is fun and you learn a lot about yourself along the way!

The steps are in different colors to guide you along the way, and eHarmony gives some encouragements and prompts to help you make it to the final stretch.

Most of the time you just have to pick a word or phrase that best attains to you regarding the specific question, but you cannot rush!

Rush, and eHarmony will tell you to slow down or prevent you from proceeding!

What's more, a note will appear at the top of the screen warning you that rushing has a negative impact on the matching system, so you'll have to review or change your answers.

The objective is for eHarmony to eliminate 99.7 percent of incompatible matches to avoid time-wasting and dead-end searches.

The goal is to pioneer the process to find a spouse online.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, right?!

Make sure to be honest and to answer everything so eHarmony understands who you are and who your ideal partner is.

Step 1:

This part is like any other dating site. You enter your name, gender, email address and zip code.'s pick your gender sign-up

Pick your gender on eHarmony sign-up

eHarmony know how to tease you from the get-go by displaying how many potential matches you could attain, just based on your location.

People in your area on eHarmony

Who is in your area on

Step 2:

It's time to get back to basics with gender, age, relationship status and number of kids (if you have).

When were you born? - eHarmony - When were you born?

If you want kids, well you have the opportunity to list this in your profile.

This is a serious relationship dating site…future aspirations are important!

Children & dating question - eHarmony's children and dating question

Remember, as we said above, no sketchy behavior is allowed, so if you have 70 wives, eHarmony isn’t the place for you. (Sorry, Amish people!)

eHarmony loves to touch base, and therefore they ask how you heard about them, and whether you know anyone who has been successful through the site.

They are also nosey - they ask if this is the first time you have used an online dating site.

Sign up question on eHarmony - Have you ever used a dating site?

Have you ever used a dating site? Sign up question on

Step 3:

Which would you say best describes you: "warm", "generous", "stable", or "adventurous"?

How well does this generally describe you? - eHarmony - How well does this generally describe you?

Step 4:

This part asks of you to identify with statements that identify your feelings over the last few months.

Questions about your feelings on eHarmony - questions about your feelings

This is a site based on psychology, so it is not strange come to think of it!

Some of the questions delve into your religious beliefs, and how vital it is for you to date someone of the same religion, denomination, and level of religiosity with options like: "not at all", "somewhat important", and "very important".

Your denomination - eHarmony - Your denomination

Sexual activities and preferences are also on the menu!

Step 5:

Now, it is time to show off your skill-set, hobbies and interests.

How are your skills sign up question?

Sign up question - how are your skills?

Add more as you go along!

Life skill attributes on eHarmony profile life skill attributes on profile

Step 6:

Just when you think you are finished, there are short questions to answer after the multiple-choice ones about all sorts of things.

Tired already?  Your cuppa cold or finished? You don’t have to fill in these answers right away, but then eHarmony won't include them in your profile. You may add or edit them later.

The quality of your matches' compatibility with your preferences is also determined by these open-ended questions, so be particular!

Short answer profile question on eHarmony short answer profile question

 Step 7:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…not on serious relationship dating sites.

If you want to get lost in the spark of your future spouse's eyes then you are going to have to pay up to view photos, which means they are not a requirement for the profile to be approved, like on

Nevertheless, here is the fun part!

You get to add your profile pictures and another 11 photos of your choice.

Photo criteria on eHarmony's photo criteria

You are encouraged to be creative, but that doesn’t mean the same shot of you in different filters or angles. Leave that for Instagram, and rather show off different aspects of your life.

This is another way for serious daters to get to know you!

Don't have enough photos?

There is always the good ol' Facebook to upload photos from directly!

eHarmony sends a confirmation email to your personal mail address to confirm that your photos are approved.

Photo confirmation email on eHarmony photo confirmation email

There are cropping and editing tools to get that angle just right, as well as a placeholder for a picture caption!

Caption for profile photo on eHarmony's profile photo caption

Once you are down uploading the photos, there are a few more questions to answer.

Step 8:

Cha Ching!

You gotta pay up now, unless you desire to be bombarded by payment options popups all around the screen.

Subscribed membership popups on eHarmony's subscribed membership popups

Another one:

Another subscription membership popup on eHarmony

Another subscription membership popup on

And another one:

Payment popup prompts all over eHarmony

Payment popup prompts all over

When you are looking for a serious relationship, it is possibly best to pay to reap the benefits to the fullest.

Read under the pricing and payment options to learn how trial days and payments operate on

You might not don’t want to sign up yet so press on the homepage icon again.

Immediate payment plans popup on eHarmony's immediate payment plans popup

So…that's a wrap.

You have yourself a detailed online dating profile to show off!

If eHarmony doesn’t like your answers, well, you won't receive any matches and there won't be anything for you to do.

They strive to give you the best, but other sites prefer to keep the dating process going with slightly less compatible matches.

What does your potential spouse's profile look like?

The key to any dating profile is a detailed and easy to navigate setup.

After all, a profile basically does the work for the first step of any serious relationship.


Well, the first few dates usually entail people asking questions and sharing anecdotes so that they get to know one another, and whether they have lots in common and share similar life philosophies.

eHarmony's profile answers all these serious dating questions in an aesthetically accessible and compelling manner so that looking up matches is fun and informative.

The more details and attributes you add, the better the compatibility test will work.

The site prompts you to complete your profile to find love online quickly and efficiently with a percentage tab that marks how complete your profile is.

Sign up prompt on eHarmony sign up prompt

eHarmony's extensive profile contains the following facets (yes, even the Free members):

You press the arrows on either side of the screen to see more, just like you would for your own profile.

What does an eHarmony profile look like?

What does an profile look like?

You have the option to add all sorts of things to your profile, like your five things you cannot live without.

List your favorite things on your profile

List your favorite things on your profile

Site Navigation -  eHarmony really gets it when it comes to the "e"!

Anything "e" stands for the net, right?

eHarmony presents their website in a simple, exciting, and easy to maneuver fashion.

Each section is labeled with clear headings in order to find what you need quickly and hassle-free!

Easy site navigation on eHarmony's easy site navigation

There is lots of information on the website, which it is divided up logically in order for you not to get lost in this eWorld of dating.

There are also buttons for assistance and explanation on every page.

Overall, the interface really does bring about that feeling of Harmony!

The ABCs of eHarmony's Famous Scientific Matching Compatibility System's claim to fame is their patented Matching Compatibility Scientific Formula.

This may sound like gibberish to you, but it is worth a read!

Dr. Warren and his team conducted extensive research on married couples and developed an innovative matching system that a US Patent was granted to the site's product.

The research is based on how aspects like height difference, distance, and the use of certain words on profiles, determines the probability of communication between singles.

The scientific method all comes down to the 100s of questions you answer when you build up your eHarmony profile during signup. This is why the more you add, the better!

The objective is to create on-the-dot profile matches based on your extensive personality inventory.

This is how it all works:

You receive about 9 daily matches and notifications to your personal email.

The idea is to curb endless searches that will lead you nowhere in your quest for that long-tern relationship or even marriage partner.

Free members see two kinds of matches.

You have to pay to see the ones in the yellow circle by the matches tab; however, there are lots of matches you can communicate with before you pay.

The matches in blue are accessible.

Free & subscribed matches on eHarmony's free & subscribed matches

The Free ones appear as follows:

Free matches on eHarmony

Free matches on

You can also use these filters to enhance the matching:

Search tab options for matches on eHarmony's match search tabs

So might want to judge the effectiveness of the matching system before you commit; but this means that you cannot view their photos.

A match's profile on eHarmony's match profile

eHarmony's matching system is broken up into three components:

  1. Compatibility Matching:  Your personality and psychological profile.
  2. Affinity Matching: Historical data from eHarmony's 15-year old dating database.
  3. Match Distribution: Technology that ensures the match is delivered at the right time.

There are also another two additional options for the matching system, namely:

  1. Flex Matches: These profiles fit some of your criteria but not everything you list. These are a marked in a different color from your ideal matches to discern immediately if decide talk to them.
  2. "What If?": This feature is only for paying subscribers and allows you to view up to 30 profiles beyond the matches that are provided to you. They are not listed in your matches just yet; however, they are compatible with you. This is an opportunity to reach out to them and turn them into matches.

What If? upgrade feature on eHarmony's What If? upgrade feature

Is science always right?

While eHarmony strives to provide a flawless matching system, there are bound to be glitches along the way.

Some matches may not meet your specifications. eHarmony tends to push you to extend your distance criteria even when you don’t want to date someone more than 30 miles away.

Distance criteria settings for matches on eHarmony's distance criteria for matches

An exclamation mark appears in your 'Settings' tab with a pushy message, if we might say so ourselves!

Even when you change the distance a few times!

Suggests very far distances for your matches!

Suggesting very far distances for your matches!

Another thing, when you do not log onto eHarmony for some time, the site will keep sending you matches to your personal email every day.

You might have to do a lot of sifting through and delete unwanted messages.

Inbox flooded with eHarmony messages & matches

Email flooded with lots of eHarmony messages & matches

We suggest you open another email just for eHarmony or your dating sites, or another inbox at least, so that you don’t feel like you are drowning in potential matches.

That actually might sound ideal, but not when you are searching for that important mail from your boss.

In sum, it seems like eHarmony has invested years of time and effort to build a worthwhile matching formula.

To put this system to the test, try it out or read the success stories about the marriages in the US that eHarmony can put their stamp on!

How to Search for Your Spouse on

Sit back with your feet up because eHarmony will do all that searching for love for you.

Yes, to find a spouse online has never been easier.

You may be wondering how this is effective when know exactly what you desire in a lover.

eHarmony believes that their expert scientific matching system is all the searching you need.

The disadvantage of this dating site is that if not one potential match ticks the boxes for your profile, the site cannot make matches and there is nothing you can do!

To put it simply: there is no random searching and the advantage of this is that you'll most likely have legitimate people talking to you, i.e.: no stalkers!

The only thing that it comes down to is your matching settings.

If you aren’t satisfied you eHarmony's search options, edit attributes such as:

Drinking habits question on eHarmony

Drinking habits question on

There are also the updates tabs on the homepage that keeps you updated on your matches' latest activates.

Profile activity updates on your matches

Profile activity updates on your eHarmony matches

Another disadvantage of this dating site is that you cannot tell which matches will communicate back with you, as you cannot see if someone is an active member; there is no "last seen" button.

Let us explain…

The dating pool may seem huge on eHarmony, but you could be matched with someone who hasn’t been active for months, maybe even years!

Unless someone removes their profile by cancellation, members remain in eHarmony's dating database.

Everything has pros and cons. The search options on eHarmony may need to be tweaked so that we can see who is still in search to find love online.

Communication Options – Are You a Guided or Free Kind of Lover?

When you are looking for a serious relationship, but you are too shy to make the first move, has you covered.

For those boisterous and confident lovers, well you are free to break the ice first should you desire to.

The site is pretty basic and fun when it comes to communication.

There are two kinds of communication for all members although free subscribers are limited to an extent.

  1. Standard Guided Communication
  2. Fast Track Open Communication

eHarmony was founded on the guided type of communication but they added the second option for those singles that are comfortable with emails and messages at the beginning of the dating process.

If you opt for the fast track route, you bypass all the 3-step multiple choice and short-answer guided steps.

Email a match on eHarmony

Email a match on

We think that the guided option can be fun, so try it out at least once.

Here's the deal on how 3-step guided communication works:

Guided communication step 1 on eHarmony's guided communication step 1

Start a conversation with guided communication - start a conversation with guided communication

Both singles exchange their lists, which is made up of options on which you can expand on.

Guided communication step 2 on eHarmony's guided communication step 2


Guided communication step 3 on eHarmony's guided communication step 3

You may switch to open communication at any time during the guided procedure.

Skip straight to fast track communication on eHarmony

Skip straight to fast track communication on

Free members can send ehMail you cannot receive. When you press the 'Accept' button, you will be led to the different payment plans.

Why not send a smile to a match just to get a little flirtation rolling, known as an ice-breaker?

Paying members can also request a secure telephone call at any stage of communication, and you also reserve the right to put any conversation on hold or close them.

Special Features on eHarmony boasts an array of features that make the site that much better.

A serious dating site has never been more fun!

Some of these attributes only come with the different paid membership selections, some at an extra fee, while some are completely free.

Check under the pricing section of this review and refer to the comparison table to see the differences.

Here is the best part; the features and what they entail and include:

These Q&As and statements inform you which matches share the same thoughts and ideas as a starting point to communicate.

Q&A questions for you and your match - Q&A questions for you and your match

It functions like the normal site with a basic version of the relationship questionnaire.

Archive, close and view matches, use the icebreakers and send eHarmony mail, use the guided communication, and much more.

This application supports the iTouch fingerprint sensor for logging into the device and website. The app sometimes crashes or slows the device down; however, it is convenient and works well for the most part.

Keep all your important dates and meetings in one place, even for dates that aren’t from the site.

Your contacts and events from eHarmony sync with the iPhone calendar, and you can add members to your Datebook favorites.

There is also a system to rate your dates privately; eHarmony uses this information for future reference and matches. The data entered is confidential.

The feature also uses Foursquare integration to find information, including: photos, addresses, phone numbers, dollar ratings, icebreaker tips, and date spots.

Secure call feature on eHarmony's secure call feature


Let’s just say this is a cross-check on any matches you want to know about. The information is accessed through business databases and consumer lists.

This can be done for up to 3 matches.

Your matches will gain an even deeper perspective of you without even meeting you, and you will learn how your character impacts on your relationships.

This is a vital aspect of a serious dating site for marriage. The site's exclusive Lab developed this profile with a study of 10 thousand people.

The advisor will provide assistance about serious dating, long-term relationships, and how to find a spouse online.'s professional team of 5 Ph.D. psychologists, sociologists and human relation scholars are constantly conducting peer reviews, surveys, product development and publishing academic pieces on serious relationships.

Your counselor checks your matches before you do and before you can contact them. The counselor manages your profile and communication; it's like having a mobile 24/7 dating personal assistant.

The objective is to allow users to retain benefits after the paid subscription expires and you have canceled your account. It will provide access to photos and matches, and let you send and receive icebreakers.

Pricing – What Can You Expect to Pay on

It is not cheap!

You may be wondering why you should bother to pay when there are free dating sites all over the show?

Here's why you may want to pay, but before that, let's see how much each membership plan costs?

How much does it cost?

Ok, it's the least exciting part, but it has to be done.

We know that the best things in life are free, which includes love, right?

eHarmony strives to provide quality service, and to help you find your spouse, your sweetheart and sugar bird.

So there is a value for your money here.

Note: The prices are all is US Dollars but there are no major discrepancies between the UK, Canada and Australia if you take the exchange rates into consideration.

Prices and specials can always change, so it is best to check out eHarmony for the most updated price list.

There are 3 membership types and several monthly plans for each one.


Plan (Months) Cost (US $)
1 59.95
3 119.85 (p.m. 39.95)
6 179.70 (p.m. 29.95)
12 239.40 (p.m. 19.95)


You can conduct guided communication and even send messages with a free subscription, but you eventually want the see what the person looks like, right?

Total Connect

Plan (Months) Cost (US $)
3 134.85 (p.m. 44.95)
6 203.70 (p.m. 33.95)
12 287.40 (p.m. 23.95)



Plan (Months) Cost (US $)
12 503.40 (p.m. 41.95)


Can you see the value here?!

Here is a little tip for when you register to the site.

The different payment plan pop up all over the show until you choose one. The 1-month option does not appear unless you scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says 'Full Price Plan', which you can then select.

Full price sign up plan on eHarmony

Full price sign up plan on

Sometimes there is free communication weekend, be sure to use this!

Free communication weekends on eHarmony

Free communication weekends on

NOTE: The prices listed above are estimates based on research and what was listed on the website in the past. does not currently list the price for each service as prices are customized according to the needs of each member. It is important to note that pricing may differ per customer; once you sign up, customer service will be in contact with you to customize your package deal.

How can you pay?

eHarmony prefers to charge you upfront for the entire subscription plan but if you choose a 12-month plan, you can pay in three installments.

You can pay with:

If you prefer something more convenient and secure, you can use:

Why should you pay?

The choice is always yours, but here are some reasons why paying may enhance your chance to experience this serious dating site to the fullest.

The good thing is that a free subscription gives you a good and informed impression of what eHarmony has to offer its singles.

All members, including the freebies, set up an extensive personality profile, and they can answer the endless amount of Q&A questions.

The Q&As are a great way to match profiles; questions are crafted to suit different cultures and countries.

What's more, everyone can receive daily matches to your emails and review the matches' profiles.

Wait, there is more.

For those of you who avoid the Terms & Conditions because it's in fine print or gibberish legal terms, here is the good news.

You can set up a payment plan, and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel it and get a full refund; however, this has to be done within 3 days.

For more details on cancellation and refunds, read below!

  Free Basic Total Connect Premier
No popups for payment plans  
Premium personality profile  
View matches' pictures  
Unlimited Communication  
See who has viewed you  
See when matches are online  
eHarmony mobile App  
Secure Chat    
Rely ID    
eHarmony Secure Check      
Premier Support Team      
Communicate with everyone      

Additional Features with a Cost

There are features exclusive to the various plans, but that doesn’t mean you can't request for some of them à la carte.

This is the cost of some of the additional attributes if you choose to be a freebie or basic kinda lover:

  1. RelyID: $5.95 per month or once-off installments of:
    • $17.85 3 months
    • $35.70 6 months
    • $71.40 12 months
  2. Secure Call: $7.95
  3. Premium Personality Profile: once-off fee of $19.99
  4. Profile Advisor: $99.95
  5. eH +: $500 for a one-year subscription

Refunds and Cancellation

This part always seems to get 'ums' and 'ahs' from the crowd. Yes, it isn’t a crowd pleaser but it needs to be discussed to enhance your eHarmony user-experience.

First things first: The company does NOT provide refunds. We repeat, you cannot get your money back no matter if you cancel subscription before the time is up.

The Help section and Terms and Conditions for pricing stipulates the only time you can receive a refund and that is during the 3-day trial period.

They also have a policy of one refund per year, should you get one.

What does this all mean?

Excluding Sundays or Holidays, 3 days after you sign up, you can cancel your account and get your money back. You have to email or send a signed and dated notice or telegram to the address specified in the T&Cs in which you stipulate that you are canceling the plan or any statement of similar effect.

Let us explain the most important part which can cause a lot of confusion.

The menacing auto-renewal button and everything that concerns cancellation!

Auto-renewal button terms & conditions on eHarmony

Auto-renewal button terms & conditions on

The best advice we can relay to you is to read the T&Cs and Help Section on the matter; however, here are some points you can take away from this review.

1. You need to make sure the auto-renewal button is turned off if you don’t want the payment plan to be renewed and for your credit card to be charged again.

2. You can turn it off in your profile 'Settings' under Account Settings' and 'Subscription Status' where the 'Close Account' button is found. You will then transfer to the confirmation page. This only pertains to paying subscribers. The button 'Close Account' will only appear if the auto-renewal button is off; if it is on, the 'Cancel Subscription' button will appear.

Subscription status settings on eHarmony

Subscription status settings on

3. Your account will close when the time period for your subscription is over, unless it is on auto-renewal. You will have access to everything until the time is up.

It is recommended to delete your photos before the term is up because you will be unable to access them after that.

4. If you choose to pay your account in installments, you cannot cancel the account until all the payments are sent to eHarmony.

5. When you cancel, eHarmony asks you if you really want to go ahead with it because you will lose all your matches, and you will have to re-do the personality test if you sign up again. This is quite a disadvantage.

6. There are special reduced membership coupons and gift memberships for family and friends which you should look out for.

7. If you would like to take a break but keep your profile on the site, you may go to 'Settings' and 'Match Settings' to tell eHarmony to stop sending matches every day and to continue when you give the go ahead.

Your current matches will still be able to contact you, but it prevents you from having to sign up from scratch and from losing all your information.

Security and Safety Concerns

Safety and security are taken very seriously on eHarmony that a whole section is dedicated to it.

In fact, they take it so seriously that at the bottom of every page is a link to the dating safety tips.

Who knew that to find love online could have its dangers?! doesn’t want to take any chances, and hence a comprehensive list of tips and advice of what to be aware of are provided on the site.

Safety tips on eHarmony's safety tips

What about any dodgy behavior you may come across?

You have the option to cease any communication you no longer want to persists, as well as to remove profiles off your match list, and then they can no longer contact you. This is how you hide yourself or block someone.

Your personality profile test results can also remain private to certain matches if you prefer.

If someone still bothers you somehow, report them to Customer Care, and they will review and rectify the situation.

Wait, there's more!

eHarmony is backed up by several kinds of security software. The all-encompassing ones are TRUSTe and Norton Secured.

The software encourages you to use and share your personal information carefully and to be alert and aware when you set up face-to-face dates and meetings.

What's more!

eHarmony is a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA), which ensures that the dating site is secure and safe to use. All communication and behavior is monitered to promote an honest environment.

Help and Advice – Everything You Need to Know in One Place

Customer Care Contact Options

Customer Support are available by email 24/7.

To contact them, you have to go to the Help section pages with the questions.

On each page, there is a link for the US and Singapore contact details which lead to a page for you to fill in that includes the questions and its category.

Customer care help and contact pages on eHarmony

Customer care help and contact pages on

The number is not advertised all over the site, but it is provided with the email address on the Help pages. They are available on call from 7am to 1am ET.

The eHarmony Premier Plan also has a live chat support option for assistance around the clock, so that you really feel like a premier member!

Customer Care Response Time

eHarmony seem stick to their promises with prompt replies.

Email confirmation from customer care on eHarmony

Email confirmation from customer care on

We sent an email and they replied within 1.5 hours with a thorough and detailed answer.

Quick and detailed answer from eHarmony customer care

Quick and detailed answer from customer care

They also send a survey to fill out to improve the services and provide feedback.

Survey emails conducted on eHarmony

Survey emails conducted on

Help/FAQs|Help, Sucess Stories & Dating Advice

Any questions you may have about the site are all addressed in the Help section!

This section is divided up into different sections with all the questions that relate to a certain topic in the same subsection.

FAQ help page on eHarmony

FAQ help page on

The answers are simple and easy to understand, but if you find yourself unsure, eHarmony provides their email on each page.

The idea is for users to save time by reading the extensive Q&As before reaching out the Customer Support.

You can also comment on how useful the answers are on the page.

Feedback button on eHarmony help page

Feedback button on help page

For those who want some further details, there is a Terms & Conditions link as well.

Testimonials & Success Stories dedicates a special section to testimonials and success stories that feature users' stories about love.

Most of the stories account how these singles found a spouse online and are in happy marriages all because of the site's effective matching system.

Testimonials and success stories on eHarmony's testimonials and success stories

Sections like these provide a sense of legitimacy and credibility to dating sites, and eHarmony invests in providing detailed and touching accounts of love.

eHarmony asserts that they are responsible for over 540 marriages every day in the USA.

Success story on eHarmony success story

Go figure, this is 5% of all marriages in the United States!!

Success story review on eHarmony success story review

What's more, over 600 000 marriages have occurred as a result of eHarmony during its lifetime.

Dating Advice

What is an online dating site without dating advice?

eHarmony goes the extra mile and devotes an entire advice section called eH Advice. This link includes everything important and useful about looking for a serious relationship online.

eH advice section on eHarmony eH advice section

Dating tips and advice, blogs, articles, relationship tools, and how to use eHarmony are part and parcel of this useful section.

The dating advice includes common dating mishaps and remedies, dating etiquette tips, and how to tell if a person is interested in you.

Why not take a quick quiz that will point out where you are going right or wrong on a first date, what type of partner you should look for and who you should avoid like the plague?

There is so much to read and access eHarmony that you will never get bored! The advice section is updated continuously to share fresh and new research and ideas to maximize your dating life experiences.  

Your newsfeed with will updated daily with the latest discussions and advice to keep you in the loop.

Advice eH popups

Advice eH popups on


There is nothing as good as a heated and constructive debate or caucus!

Get involved in the relationship forums and enlighten yourselves about what makes people tick in relationships.

Social Media – eHarmony Are Very in the Now!

Unlike some of the other dating sites, such as: to mention only one, are active on social media platforms with up-to-date content, advice and activities.

Catch them on:

There is also the option to sign up to the site or add photos to your profile via Facebook.

Connect with Facebook on eHarmony

Connect with Facebook on

What's the Bottom Line?

If you take away anything from this eHarmony review, we hope it is that you conclude that this is one of the best dating sites for serious relationships, to find a spouse online and to establish quality, long-term relationships.

The site uses a fundamentally different approach to its competitors in that they take the reins for matching and searching.

If you feel happy and secure with a more managed approach and an expert system, then is definitely for you!


eHarmony has accounted for 5% of marriages in the US, and hence prides itself to be the best online dating site to find a spouse. With its intricate scientific matching compatibility system, established by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, you cannot go wrong in finding love online. All the matching is done for you when you create an intricate profile, so hold tight and wait for Mr or Mrs Right to sweep you off your feet in no time.

Date published:December 9, 2018
9.9 / 10 stars


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