FriendFinder Review - Meet Singles Online on a Good Dating Site

It's 2016, and in the last two decades we have entered a new realm of dating, with the last one bringing with it even more innovations!

The words "dating" and "online" were once a taboo combination in a sentence, but things have changed - to meet singles online is the new "in" thing these days.

In fact, some people think that a good dating site gives you the chance to meet singles online and develop serious relationships more than anything else.

Basically, internet dating has changed society whether we like it or not. is right up there as a good dating site with the goal to connect people from all walks of life with their slogan: Have fun, meet people & find love!


FriendFinder caters for friendships and relationships of all kinds. It's a tool to create connections and find partners for friendship, dating, romance, and an array of different encounters, with the ultimate goal being to establish long term, serious relationships.

Read this review to see why it's a good dating site to meet singles online.

Have fun, meet people & find love -

FriendFinder - Have fun, meet people & find love!

What can you expect?

Pros Cons
Easy Site Navigation No Expert Matching System
Easy Sign Up Process May Contain a lot of Fake Profiles
7 Communication Options Limited contact and activity for Standard Members
Fast and detailed Customer Support  

History Behind the FriendFinder Networks

FriendFinder Networks came about in 1996 by Andrew Conru. It was launched as a main-stream social networking platform, but soon after the company branched out into a out 20 different dating-related affiliated sites, niches and verticals.

In early 2005, the FriendFinder merged with, and in late 2007, it bought over Penthouse Media Group.

Since 1996, over 600 million members have used at least one of the company's dating sites.

The website operates from the United States and Canada, but it is available in multiple countries around the world. The site is also offered in 10 languages, namely: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Korean, Italian and Tagalog.

What exactly is FriendFinder Networks Inc.?

FriendFinder Networks Inc. is a leading internet social networking and technology enterprise which operates some of the most heavily-trafficked dating sites in the world.

The goal of this network is to provide different customers with a wide variety of online dating services and products that appeal to diverse interest groups and cultures in the hope that everyone can interact with each other while enjoying and benefiting from the content.

The websites of the network are designed with premium content and cover all aspects concerning: multiplied into a few sister sites which form part of the FriendFinder Network such as: Adult FriendFinder boasting 24 million members, Asian FriendFinder, Senior FriendFinder, German FriendFinder, French FriendFinder, and, to mention a few.

This network is so vast that members of any of these sites have actually become part of a community of over 35 million total members in the database.

FriendFinder Networks - Affiliated Sites of

Affiliated sites of - FriendFinder Networks

FriendFinder is known as a good dating site owing to the fact that it is constantly evolving to meet the desires and needs of all its members. People join this network because there is a sense of community and the chance to talk to and possibly meet up with singles with similar mindsets and interests.

In a nutshell, it is more than just a static directory of members looking to connect with other people.

Membership - Who Really Makes Up This Vast Network of

Seeing that is the go-to site of for the anything goes type of date - a meet new friends and potential partner kind of date, a one-time date, or a serious date - the site has everyone covered for both friendships and relationships.

This a good dating site to meet singles online because there are over 2 million active members.

FriendFinder caters for members of all genders, sexual orientations, religions, and ethnicities.

You can join if you're single, divorced, and even separated; the latter isn't usually allowed for dating sites.

You can be separated and join FriendFinder!

FriendFinder allows for all relationship statuses - including separated!

This goes to show that is a good dating site for everyone whether it be to find a significant other, activity partner, a pen-pal, or a friend.

On the downside, this dating site seems to accept fake profiles because the sign-up acceptance process is extremely simple. Maybe FriendFinder should make the approval process a bit stricter.

Most of the members are located in the U.S. and Canada but as we mentioned before, this dating platform is accessible and useful worldwide.

There are two Premium Membership types to fit different budgets and needs. Read under the pricing section for details.

Sign Up - Basic or Detailed?

The sign up process is basic and very easy to follow step-by-step.

Once you get the required parts done, you have the option to expand your profile with lots of different features, such as: longer essay questions, the personality test, blogs, and more. We will list each part in detail below, but bear in mind that you will need to set aside time for all these parts if you sign up. It will be worth it as your profile will get more views!

The main sign-up is a 6-part process; let's get started!

The beginning is basic and mainly consists of drop-down menus and selections.

Step 1:

This part is self-explanatory...

Sign up page on

Sign up page on FriendFinder

After you have entered the most basic details and you are emailed approval for your FriendFinder account, you are ready to get started!

Step 2:

You need to fill in all the basics about yourself from age, to gender, to location, and your date of birth.

Step 3:

It is then time to add a little bit more information about yourself like your body type and which one your prefer in your partner.

Sign up process part 3 on FriendFinder

Sign up process part 3

Step 4:

Here you add even more about yourself with an introductory title and description.

Step 4 of sign up on FriendFinder

Step 4 of sign up

There are writing tips along the way in case you get stuck or you need some creative inspiration.

Writing tips on

Writing tips on FriendFinder

As you go along there will be percentage on your profile which indicates how much you still need to complete.

Percentage prompt of profile completion

Percentage prompt of profile completion onFriendFinder

Every time you sign on, the site will tell you how many people are online and who is online near you.

Step 5:

This is the more detailed part when you fill in more about yourself, which characteristics your ideal partner should have, as well as very detailed open-ended questions about yourself.

Step 5 of sign up

Step 5 of FriendFinder sign up

Basically, your account is divided up into different sections for you to fill in.

It is set up really nicely so you can access everything easily and fill it all in. It is actually quite fun!

The sections are:

  1. Basic Profile - Most of that is done during the initial sign up process.
  2. Add and Manage Photos.
  3. Profile Location - You can let people know where you are in the world.
  4. Additional Questions - Detailed open-ended, essay-like questions
  5. Personality Type - This is the test which you can display on your profile with the icon and results.
  6. Physical Information
  7. Get Confirm ID - You can place your drivers' licenses and important information on here to verify member information.

It is best to click on each part once you sign up to get to known what each part is about, but we have provided the most important details in this review. We have not added a screenshot for every single part.


My Account on

My Account on FriendFinder

This is an example of the more open-ended questions. They start off as drop-downs and then you add more information below. All of this appears on your profile and it is a fantastic way for people to get to know you.

It is like going on a first date with the person without their even knowing.

Open-ended questions on

Open-ended questions on FriendFinder

You can also let everyone know where you are with the profile location setting:

Profile location settings in

Profile location settings in FriendFinder

Step 6:

Add photos and videos.

What we can take from this is that signing up for FriendFinder is fun; you actually learn a lot about yourself along the way, and you get to share it with the world.

The profile is very detailed so you are sure to get a quality experience if most members set out their profile like you do!

You don't have to tell everything right away - you can always add to your profile as you go along.

What Will my Profile Look Like?

So, after all this "hard" work, what is the fruit of your labor?

How does the FriendFinder profile look like?

We would say something like this: profile

FriendFinder profile Profile interface

FriendFinder Profile interface

As we stated before, your profile will consist of a Basic Profile, Personal Information, and Physical Information for the main part on display.

The side bar will include everything you have to know about the activity of your account.

Sidebar of profile

Sidebar of FriendFinder profile

Your personality type also appears on your profile if you press the permission button. This allows other members to know from the start what kind of person you are so that they don't only stick to horoscope stereotypes, which is also part of your profile when you choose your birth date.

Your personality type icon on your profile

Your personality type icon on your profile

You can click on it to read about it on the hyperlink on the profile pages, which we explain in the Matching section.

Other things that will show up on your profile are:

All user names of accounts on profile

All user names of accounts on FriendFinder profile

We think that pretty much does it for giving you a clear picture of what a profile looks like.

We would score it a 5/5 - it looks pretty awesome and tells you a lot about a member!

Site Navigation - Accessible and Simple

FriendFinder boasts a user-friendly site interface.

There are lots of features and elements on the site, but it is divided into sections with drop-downs and arrows, which makes it accessible and easy to follow.

Site Navigation & Interface - Fast and Easy

Easy and accessible site navigation interface

The orange toolbar you see in the image above is your go-to place for anything you need on the site, from communication options, profile searches, the contact and help sections, and more.

Overall, FriendFinder offers a streamlined user interface experience with easy navigation to browse and find your way around the dating site.

Matching Tools - Is Mr. Cupid Really at Work?

Unlike eHarmony and other dating sites, does not boast love psychologists or love specialists as founders, but rather those with PhDs in Engineering Design and Statistics.

What does this mean for the matching system of the site?

Well to start, let's say that there is no complicated matching synapse system or calculator to achieve the most accurate results; however, in saying that, there is a feature called the Cupid Settings and Emails and a Personality Test you do in the beginning, and which you can present on your profile with permission.

Permission to show personality test results

Permission to display personality test results

The test looks like so:

Let people know more about your personality on FriendFinder

Let people know more about your personality

And once you do it, it appears on your profile with results and an icon for other users to see what personalty type you are at a glance.

Personality test results on

Personality test results on FriendFinder

In case you are not sure what each personality means, there is a detailed comparison sheet for you and other members if you press on the icon and test results.

Personality comparison for

Personality comparison for FriendFinder

Now, for the Cupid Preferences - the main matching feature on FriendFinder.

This is a 24/7 automatic search engine which saves you time by finding you matches based on the information on your profile - this is why it is recommended to fill in as much detail as possible about your ideal partner and yourself.

Cupid Preferences Settings on your profile

Cupid Preferences Settings on your FriendFinder profile

You can also refine your preferences setting of your:

  1. Privacy
  2. Email
  3. Message Center
  4. Chat and IM
  5. Activity
  6. Blocked Member List sends you emails with matches to your private email address. We suggest you make a separate email for your online dating profiles as they might get pretty active and full - yes you! - you popular thing you!

You can fine tune your cupid settings to:

These matches appear in the "My Matches" section of your profile.

There is also the compatibility chart - it is a great way to see how much you score in relation to someone else's personality; this appears on every profile your browse.

Compatibility Chart on

Compatibility Chart on FriendFInder

This is pretty much it when it comes to any external matching tool that isn't in your control, but you have the choice to search for yourself and to contact members you want based on your membership.

Search Tools - Search For Your Ultimate Person With Ease

It's as easy as A,B,C to search for other members on the site.

Besides for the ones that appear on your home page as possible matches, you can do a more refined search of what your are looking for.

On the search toolbar, there is a search section by which you can search by:

Search for members according to criteria on

Search for members according to criteria on FriendFInder

There are also other options like, most popular man or woman, distance (city and zip code), and any part of the profile.

You just have to play around with the filters, drop-down menus, and selections to refine your search like the Advanced Search below.

Advanced Search on

Advanced Search on FriendFinder

The advanced search allows you to be selective with criteria and type by searching for location, new members, sections of profiles, most popular profiles, and members online.

As a free member, if you attempt to locate someone in your area or city, or even zip code, it will be next to impossible as you will have to sit through a plethora of profiles until you find someone in your general vicinity.

What's more?

A lot of the profiles are standard, which means they will have generic silhouettes and not actual pictures.

Not so cool, right?

It is probably worth your while to have at least a silver membership on this dating site in order to enjoy most of the excellent communication and search tools.

There is nothing complicated at all about browsing and searching on It is easy to find the search toolbar with its different options and selections.

So away you go with your search!

Good luck!

Photo Requirements - Expose Yourself the Right Way

The photo requirements for FriendFinder are simple in that you don't need approval for the image you selected before your profile goes live, like on

The amount of photos you can have is unlimited with the option to manage and change your profile pictures and albums at all times.

Photo and Video manager via your FriendFinder account

Manage photos and videos on your FriendFinder account

When your press on the Manage Photos link, it leads you to your photos and albums which you can upload via Webcam or straight from your PC.

This dating site has a photo section interface much like social media platforms such as Facebook with albums and profile pictures.

Upload and manage photos on your FriendFinder account

Upload and manage photos on your account

You can create new albums with a title and description to get more action and excitement on your account, and you can decide if you want all members or just friends that you add to your account to see them.

Create a new album on your FriendFinder account

Create a new album on your FriendFinder profile

What's a good dating site without video options?

FriendFinder has passed the test with flying colors with its video options which you can upload via Webcam or from your PC.

It is recommended to upload lots of photos and videos for exposure and interaction to meet singles online. The more activity you have on your albums with video boosts, likes, and comments, the more people will visit your account and interact with you if you don't set the images and videos to private.

Manage your videos on your FriendFinder account

Manage your videos on your FriendFinder profile

It is important to note that standard/free members can add as many photos and videos as they want, but when it comes to viewing other members' it depends on the members' settings, and most of the time it is very limited because of the type of membership.

Also, standard members can usually see only small pictures of other members until they upgrade to silver or gold premium membership plans.

You will be prompted to upgrade to the silver or gold membership when you try to view the rest of the photos; usually you can just see 1 with a free membership.

Enjoy full profile and photo access as a premium member

Enjoy full profile and photo access as a FriendFinder premium member

Communication Options - Choice is not a Problem

Keep it safe and cool when you communicate on

Keep it safe and cool when you communicate on FriendFinder

Communication was definitely not a second thought by the creators of FriendFinder!

In fact, there are 7 options to communicate on this platform and all are safe and guard your personal details.

Not all of them will be accessible to free/standard members but most are, at least to a limited degree.

So here is how you can "interact" - as FriendFinder coins it on the site:

  1. Hot List
  2. Flirt
  3. Add Friend
  4. Refer to a Friend
  5. Email/Message
  6. Instant Messenger
  7. Live Action - Flash Chat & Chat Rooms

Free members can hot list, flirt, instant message, and use the live action. They can only message if paying members pay an extra fee to communicate with everyone, or if someone kindly upgrades you to gold to get things going.

Different Communication Options on

Different Communication Options on FriendFinder

You can also customize your conversations and the site kindly sends you a message when you sign up explaining how to do it:

Customize your message settings on

Customize your message settings on FriendFinder

When you click on another member it also displays the latest interaction you had with the person:

Interaction in the last 30 days on

Interaction in the last 30 days on FriendFinder

The Live chat feature on the site toolbar has a drop-down with 3 options:

Let's look at what each one entails:

1. Flash chat looks much like MSN used to look like.

It is a chat room you can join; you just have to wait for it to connect. There are lots of Rooms with different names - this one is called Lobby.

It gets any members to chat and is another form of communication as you can contact a particular member privately after if you wish to.

This is just a fun way to talk about absolutely anything!

Flash Chat Room on

Flash Chat Room on FriendFinder

2. Instant Messenger is also reminiscent of MSN, mixed with Whatsapp and other social media instant messenger platforms.

This opens in a separate tab and browser on which you can have a private conversation with another member.

If all goes well, this is a place to share personal details like an email or phone number if you want to set up a date.

Instant Messenger on

Instant Messenger on FriendFinder

There are also filters you can pick to choose whom you want to talk to. You can also search by username if you know with whom you want to chat, and you will be able to see if they are online; however, you can leave an offline message.

Instant Messenger Filters on

Instant Messenger Filters on FriendFinder

3. The last one is called Chat Rooms.

You can pick a room in any geographic location or by topic of interest.

This is a fantastic way to learn about people around the world and to interact with them.

Chat Rooms on - Pick a geographic location or topic of interest

Chat Rooms on FriendFinder - Pick a geographic location or topic of interest

Besides these, another way to communicate is via photos & videos, blogs, personality profile results, and the magazine which encourage posts, interactions, and polls. These are not listed directly as they are mediums designed for other reasons but which service for communicative purposes as well.

Exclusive Features

What makes FriendFinder different and a good dating site?

We would say the awesome features you get to enjoy, sometimes even as a free member. explores and develops new additional elements to the site all the time according to the results of member polls and email feedback.

Here are some of the exclusive picks to expect:

Pricing - Yay or Nay?

FriendFinder is a Yay because of its very competitive prices and special deals.

It is important to note that the prices change from time to time, and we do monthly checks; however, don't bank on us and rather look directly on the site for the most up-to-date price list and specials.

How much does it cost?

There are two types of paid memberships that you can choose from:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold

The Silver membership is up to 35% cheaper, but you will experience slower technical support response and fewer searching and browsing options. We suggest you start off with this when you want to move on up from the standard membership; you can always upgrade to gold if you are satisfied and want to enjoy even more features as part of the package.

The prices are great, and you are paying for value when it comes to options and variety. You need to evaluate which package is best for your needs, and whether or not you want the optional paid extras.

So let's get started; how much can you expect to pay?

Silver Membership Plan

Enjoy limited access to premium features with this introductory plan:

Months Silver (Limited) - U.S. $
1 Month $22.95 p.m. (Billed at $22.95)
3 Months $13.95 p.m. (Billed at $41.85)
6 Months $10.95 p.m. (Billed at $65.70)


Gold Membership Plan

Try the premium features for a limited time:

Months Gold (Unlimited) - U.S. $
1 Month $34.95 p.m. (Billed at $34.95)


This is the most popular plan as it provides the full, premium experience.

For this plan you get 1 month free, so it is actually 4 months instead of 3:

Months Gold (Unlimited) - U.S. $
3 Months $14.99 p.m. (Billed at $59.94)

Get more bang for your buck with this plan - their best monthly value.

For this plan you get 2 months free, so it is actually 8 months instead of 6 (this is a special offer and is subject to change):

Months Gold (Unlimited) - U.S. $
6 Months $11.95 p.m. (Billed at $95.60)

There is also a limited offer for FREE Private Chat Room for the duration of your Gold Membership.

These prices are provided to you upon registration and they may change from time to time. Unless otherwise indicated, subscription fees cover an initial period for which there is a one-time fee charge followed by recurring periodic charges for subsequent periods as you agree to when you register. For further details on this, read the Terms & Conditions or speak to Customer Care.

To check anything concerning your subscription membership fees and billing, go to the Billing History page on your account.

Billing History on

Billing History on FriendFinder

How can you pay? offers a few types of payment options for the convenience of everyone.

You can pay by credit card, check, online check, or a money order to the Headquarters offices in California.

There are good terms for currency conversions and paying the same amount in your own currency. Make sure to check the fine print in the Terms & Conditions, the FAQs, or contact Customer Service for direct assistance and advice.

The check or money order must be in American Dollars and must be payable to FriendFinder Inc.

The site accepts:

Why Should you Pay?

For your convenience, we have compiled a nice summary of why you should pay and what each subscription plan includes:

  Free/Standard Membership Silver Membership Gold Membership
View other profiles
Upload photos and videos
Post profile for free with all elements
Search and browse the members
Access to Interactive Magazine (post advice &articles)
Access to Chat Rooms
Instant Messenger
Video Greetings
Flirt with members
Upload Voice Greetings & Send to Others
Create/View Personality Test
Flirt with members
View past polls and results  
Add to Friends List  
View and contact all members  
Telephone Technical Support  
Send emails to members Limited
Keep a personal Hot List Max. 200 Max. 500 Max. 1000
Faster profile and photo approvals   Basic Priority
Emails available for number of days 30 60 120
Matches per day 10 20 30
Technical Support within 2 Days 24 Hours 12 Hours
View all photos and videos of members (Not full sized) View first 5 All
Have Your Username on the Members' Online List    
Super Search for Members Using Priority Form    
Full Cupid Email Reports of New Matches    
Search by Distance and Save Results    
Advanced Search Capabilities    
Top of All Listings    

Additional Paid Features

So, what's in store if you want to pay for extras that aren't included in your memberships fees?

Do you want to enhance your profile just that much more with special goodies?

Well, here we go:

Bling manager on

Bling manager on FriendFinder

Refunds and Cancellation


The dreaded auto-renewal button is a stock feature across most, if not all, online dating sites. FriendFinder automatically renews your membership unless you indicate otherwise.

You just have to make sure you change the setting with the on and off button under "Auto Renew" under the Billing History & Credit Card Info section in My Account. (The image for this is under the How much does it cost section).

Check on it every now and then to make sure that it hasn't somehow miraculously changed! Press OFF if you don't want this automatic feature to kick in!

Consider it fair warning - you have been warned!

Moving on...

You can manage everything about your subscription through your account interface so that you can cancel things or keep them updated. This is to avoid being billed for features you didn't ask for.

You can terminate your account, membership, or subscription at any time - the termination will be effective as soon as the site has been notified in accordance with Section 31 of Terms & conditions.

What is the 3-day cancellation policy? does not provide any refunds or credits for prepaid accounts, and you will not receive any money back for unused days of any subscription; however, if you cancel within 3 days of signing up at any time before midnight of the 3rd business day following the contract, excluding Sundays and Holidays, then there is a money-back guarantee. There will be no penalty or monetary obligation if you mail, deliver a signed notice, or telegram a statement which includes the details of your canceling the agreement. Make sure you send the notice, if you do not mail it, to FriendFinder California, Inc. Customer Service-Cancellations, 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008.

Security & Safety - FriendFinder Has You Covered

If you are worried about your safety or any dodgy activity this good dating site has you covered.

There are several accessible places on the site on which you can report abuse or a member in a fast and efficient way.

The team can be contacted for anything that worries you, whether it's sexually explicit behavior or ads, bad language, and stalking concerns.

If you press on the Report Abuse at the bottom of the page, these are the step you have to follow:

Report Member Abuse Form on

Report Member Abuse Form on FriendFinder

That's not it!

You can also Block or Report a member from their actual profile under the "Interact" options.

So when it comes to this dating site, there isn't any reason to feel vulnerable or threatened.

Support & Advice - You Always Have a Friend to Lean On

Customer Care Contact Options

FriendFinder Networks offers a phone and email support which you can access from the Contact Us widget on the Help Page.

But there's more...

There are different links which lead to different email forms, numbers, or email addresses for particular issues and departments, such as billing support, careers, and general inquiries. offers toll-free numbers for the customers' convenience; however, it doesn't mention if it is 24/7 or not.

The toll-free number for Billing Support is for the US and Canada, while the UK, Brazil. France, Italy, Spain, and Germany have a different number.

Contact Us Option Page on

Contact Us Option Page on FriendFinder

The links also lead to information about the owners, founders, senior management, and about the Networks.

If you prefer to send an email first if you still can't find the answer to your query on the FAQs, you can fill in a FriendFinder feedback form according to topic. This form is also a channel to suggest improvements to the team. Feedback Form

FriendFinder Feedback Form

Customer Care Response Time

Talk about fast and efficient!

We emailed the team from the Contact Us form and we received a reply within 1 minute! Contact Us Form

FriendFinder Contact Us Form

Not only was the reply at the speed of lightning, but it was detailed and thoroughly answered the question.

Customer Support Reply - quick and detailed

Customer Support Reply on - quick and detailed

Maybe this message was compiled beforehand as an automated answer for all questions regarding billing and membership, but we have to say that it was detailed and helpful.

That's what matters, right?!


If you have any questions, you are definitely covered when it comes to the Help/FAQs section.

The questions are divided into different categories according to topic, with one of them being Top Questions for your convenience.

Each question is hyperlinked so when you press on it, a concise yet comprehensive answer appears under the question.'s Help/FAQs Section

Help/FAQs Section on FriendFinder

On the site there is a Help Page on the Contact Us widget link - this leads to all the relevant emails and numbers a member will need for particular queries and advice. This is for users who still can't seem to find the answer to their question or need immediate hands-on assistance; however, the Help section is designed in such a way so that you won't need to hit that Contact Us button so quickly.

Success Stories


Well we wouldn't call the layout of the success stories of FriendFinder very successful. The layout does not make the stories enticing to read, and some of them seem made up because anyone can post one. The design is more of a forum-type discussion and some of the posts seem a bit spammy.

There is no section on the control panel for the success stories. If you go to the Magazine section, you will see the following at the bottom of the page:'s Success Stories Section

Success Stories Section on

You have the choice to read the success stories and submit your own, or you can apply for an interview. There is no indication where the stories of those members being interviewed appear on the site, seeing that you can submit your own story on the actual success stories page once it goes through a review process.

What do we mean?

If you press on the "View" link you are led to the following page: Success Stories Section

FriendFinder Success Stories section

On the right hand side of the page it says "Add a Success Story" which then leads to this form:

FriendFinder -  Tell us your success stories

Tell us your success story on FriendFinder

Or alternatively, you can press on the "Be Interviewed" link and a Contact Form will pop up.

Submit a form for a success story interview

Submit a request for a success story interview

All you have to do is press "Submit" and voilà, an automated thank you message will appear.

Automated thank you message on for success story interview

Automated thank you message on FriendFinder for success story interview

Overall, this section is more about how people feel about the site, and not only the typical marriage stories we expect like on the other dating websites.

Dating Advice & Magazine truly places its trust in its members about all things dating and advice.

Creativity is the name of the game for this good dating site; some people might find this less professional and reliable, but we think it is pretty awesome and a chance to express yourselves!

On the control panel there is a section called "Magazine" on which you can find tons of information, articles, and advice by other members.

The goal is to generate content submitted by members who feel they have something helpful to share with the community.

When a member comments on or posts an article, poem, success story, or any other type of forum, he/she receives points for his/her account. With these points you can buy special features and items for your page.

How to earn points on

How to earn points on FriendFinder

The page is designed in a way that you can see the amount of articles you have posted, as well as the articles of everyone else on the dating site. You have links to add questions, articles, and blogs.

FriendFinder Magazine Design Magazine Design

The articles are divided into sections according to topics and number of entries to make it easier to navigate around the Magazine. Some of the sections you can find are General Advice, Daily Horoscopes, Building a Relationship, Breaking Up, First Dates, Dating Safety, Poems, Jokes, and more.

General Advice on the Magazine

General Advice on the FriendFinder Magazine

You can comment and add your input to others' articles - in this way FriendFinder is creating more room for interaction, discussion, and opportunities to meet and communicate with members in a less conventional way.

Your username is published with the entry, so be careful not to pour your heart out too much.

Jokes aside, this is a great way for others to get to know you besides for your blog and profile, and for you to help others out. You may be a Dr. Phil in the making, who knows?!

The fun doesn't stop, and neither does the interaction; this is why FriendFinder is a good dating site to have fun and meet singles online because you can vote on and discuss different issues.

At the bottom of the Magazine page is a place to place polls for popular members. These are based on the members personal blogs and they enable you to get exposure in another way.

It seems like FriendFinder is really great with options to highlight your profile without having to pay an extra fee to appear in the limelight.

Popular submitted polls on

Popular submitted polls on FriendFinder


This is another nifty feature which adds to the fun and quality of the design on, making it a good dating site.

On your profile, there is a tab called "My Blog" on which you can create you own blog, add posts, and receive polls.

Besides the essay-like questions, you have the option to answer on your page; this is another opportunity to share your personality with others.

Your personal blog on your profile

Your personal blog on your FriendFinder profile

It is a professional feature through which you get your own blog URL where you can create titles and descriptions.

Add a blog to your profile

Add a blog to your FriendFinder profile

In order to view other members' blogs, you can press on the tab "Blogs" on the orange tool bar.

It's a great place to get ideas and to see what members like to read and comment on. You also get an indication of how many blogs and posts there are on the site with actual figures.

Other members' blog on

Other members' blog on FriendFinder

If you want to get the most of out this feature, it is best to upgrade to the silver or gold membership in order to get more exposure.

In the image above, you can evaluate the differences and benefits each membership gets when posting a blog, as well as reading blogs of members on FriendFinder.


Each member can add testimonials to their profiles; this is another way to get some communication going.

Testimonials on profile

Testimonials on FriendFinder profile

Social Media

You can't sign up via Facebook like some of the other sites, but we must say that a lot of the interface reminds one of the Facebook layout - like the photos and albums which you can comment on and like.

Bottom Line is a good dating site for singles dating online looking to meet that someone special. It is a place to meet friends, activity partners, and have a fling.

In short, this dating site is all about having fun as the site's slogan swears by.

If you are looking for serious, long-term relationships with marriage on the cards, then you should opt for one of our other sites like eHarmony with slightly more serious-minded individuals who are single and available to establish a strong relationship.

Visit is a good dating site for any kind of relationship, especially for singles dating online looking to have fun and to, ultimately, find love. The online dating site boasts a streamlined user interface with easy site navigation, and to top it off, there are a myriad of communication options, flirt features, and interactive platforms. Try your hand at the Interactive Magazine filled with articles, poems, advice, forums and polls, or blog about your personality and life on your profile. There is so much more to look forward to and we don't want to give away too much. So sign up for free to get a taste of what's in store for silver and gold members.

Date published:November 18, 2018
9.5 / 10 stars


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