Review - The Best Dating Site for Relationships

Right, so, as much as we love them cats, no one wants to end up ALONE with 37.

No house is a home without a cuddly fur ball or two, but let's be honest, cuddling is even better with that significant other.

We all want that someone to be in it TOGETHER with us!

Okay, we're just teasing a bit…

To make up for it, this review is jam-packed with incredible information for all those singles out there in search of relationships, whether casual, long-term, or everlasting love.


Hold tight and see what the best dating site has in store for you, so you can turn your relationship status into something to be proud of!

My relationship status -  already ordered 37 cats!

Already ordered 37 cats - my relationship status!

Everyone teapot has its lid, and seeks to achieve just what the company's name implies: to create the perfect matches between singles.

Pros Cons
6-month "Make Love Happen Guarantee" free package Need to pay to view winks, favorites, and who has viewed you
Events powered by to meet singles Need to pay to send and reply to emails and IMs
Exciting and innovative site design Automatic renewal for credit card payments
Unique online dating features Limited installment plans
Search and send winks for free  
Detailed matching system  
Set up full profile for free  
Good prices  

Loving couple embrace

Loving couple embrace and look at one another

Their goal is to "make love happen", and to create those relationships based on true love, trust, and understanding.

No one is perfect, but their matching system is built to create perfect matches; hence another slogan of theirs is "#LoveYourImperfections."

So, read our informative review to decide if this is the best online dating site for you, and to find that perfect imperfection!

The History Behind "Making Love Happen" – Is No Novice in Online Dating

It all started in 1995, much at the same time when the internet opened up for public use.

Yep, it's that old.

21 years of age for those who didn't do the math….

So, has the online dating veteran status and experience, but that hasn't stopped it from evolving into something better and bigger every year.

This online dating site was established to cater for all kinds of singles of all sexual orientations, backgrounds and income levels, looking for casual, deep, long-term and marriage-material relationships.

In fact, the site is known to have created thousands of dates, relationships and marriages.

The proof is in the pudding:

This company is renowned to be one of the best online dating sites around with a vast dating pool and paying subscribers.

With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and owing to its long-established presence, is the most popular dating site in the USA, with Canada and the UK right behind.

The site boasts an all-encompassing presence in over 25 countries with offices in Tokyo, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, and more in America in San Francisco and West Hollywood.

What's more!

It has also been translated into 8 languages, with English and French being the main ones, while it hosts websites in 15 different languages; thereby providing a massive worldwide member base.

When you sign up, your location will be tracked so that you are added to the database that will provide you with the most potential matches, and which will suit your needs best.

Europe and Asia have a large audience, and therefore has different domains for example, Europe's is called, Meetic.

Match International domains's international Europe domain

Who "Makes Love Happen" Online?  Users & Membership of

We have already mentioned how popular has been throughout the years.

A little bit of stats and figures do not hurt to emphasize the statement!

The gender ratio is balanced out in this case with a 49:51, male to female ratio making this the best dating site owing to its potential at making a fair game at matching.

The site welcomes any singles over the age of 18, who are either single, divorced or widowed, and as we mentioned above, those of all sexual orientations, religions, and ethnicities.

No dodgy behavior that promotes cheating and criminal behavior is tolerated.

Over 40 million users sign up to dating sites, and gets 16 million visits per month, and has over 2 million paid subscribers.

Do you see the value here?!

Singles, from all walks of life, are actually paying to use when there are so many free online dating sites out there.

They see the quality in finding a potential match because of the intricate matching system and vast dating pool.

Here are some statistics taken from Alexa and Quantcast to act as a yardstick as to which singles make up's vast member base.

The age range is spread out; however, the highest percentages fall under those who are at marriageable age; an indication of the focus and aim of what makes up a best dating site.

Age Percentage (%)
18-24 16
25-34 22
35-44 27
45-54 21
Over 55 14

The income levels follow suit in that the range matches that of the age range distribution.

Serious-minded, established singles, who are likely to seek long-term relationships and marriage are signing up to

The site also caters for casual relationships which is reflected in a younger and older crowed making up a significant percentage of the membership base.

Income (US $) Percentage of Members (%)
Under 50k 15
50k-100k 25
100k-150k 27
Over 150k 34

Like most of the other online dating sites, caters to a diverse set of cultures and singles from different backgrounds.

There are also domains for more specific audiences for a refined dating experience.

Having said that, there is a concentrated percentage of Caucasian singles, and this could be that some of these dating sites originate in certain countries, such as the USA. members' ethnicity percentage

Percentage of ethnicity of's members

The ratio of education is also impressive and another yardstick for the best dating site.

Almost half the members have a high school or college degree.

It doesn’t take rocket science to date, but it's nice to know that you have an intelligent bunch of singles to interact with and choose from. members' level of education percentage

Percentage of level of Education of's members

There are several subscriptions plans to choose from, and in order to get the lowdown, read on in the pricing section to see what is worth your while.

In the meantime, here is a little breakdown of what you can expect:

But wait, there's more!

You have to read on to the pricing section to find out about the one-of-its-kind 6-month guarantee subscription and the awesome features, which come at an additional price if you go basic.

What’s the Sign Up Process Like?

Like most of the top dating sites, does not differ in that the sign up process is rather lengthy and detailed.

We have established that longer sign up steps are an indication of the best online dating sites.

If you want the matching and searching features to be up to standard, the initial sign-up stages need to be detailed.

However, in saying that, we have to emphasize that the procedure is flexible and straightforward, even fun!

You are also not required to answer questions you don’t feel comfortable with by either skipping it or marking "I'm not sure," or "I'd rather not say."

The procedure is basically divided into about 7 parts.

The concept is like so:

These questions include basics, like username, age, locations, body type, smoking and drinking habits, etc.

Sign up process about me part 1

About me sign up process part 1

You are guided every step of the way.

Sign up process about me part 2

About me sign up process part 2

Your interests on profile

Selecting your interests on profile

The most awesome part is the badges you add to your profile which indicate your favorite movies, actors, series, books, authors, and so much more.

This is a great way to see if you have anything in common with your matches.

Your favorite things profile badges

Profile badges for your favorite things

You type in whatever comes to mind and a whole lot of selections pop up.

Adding your favorite things to your profile

Choosing selections for your favorite things on Match profile

This part takes about 30 minutes and includes parts called: "About Me," "About My Match," and "In My Own Words."

Open-ended questions for profile

More About Me open-ended essay profile questions on

It is the opportunity to get into detail about your appearance, lifestyle, interests, and background.

This is called the "Like At First Sight" and was created to encourage members to look beyond the usual search criteria in order to discover new people. profile quiz

Create your profile quiz on

The results will appear on the side of your profile in this format:

Profile quiz format on profile quiz format

For details about the photo requirement for this dating site, read under the photos section further down. is a bit strict when it comes to approving profiles and members, so it can take up to 48 hours to get an approval from the Customer Care team.

You can use the site; however, members will only be able to find you when your profile is approved.

There is also a toolbar at the top of your page indicating how much of your profile you have completed.

Percentage for completed profile completed profile percentage

What will my Profile Look Like?

From the sign-up process it is pretty clear to see that your profile will be detailed and packed with information.

It will feel like you have already gone on a first date with your matches.

Saves time and energy, doesn’t it?!

This is the really cool thing about online dating and the best dating site will take advantage of this feature and process in order to offer detailed profiles for quality dating.

This is what Match does!

In a nutshell, your profile includes:

Let's take a glimpse of the overall product!

All that hard work, energy, and time surely amount up to something awesome! profile

My profile

Note how the quiz is on the side.

Here's some more in case you thought that was all: profile criteria

Profile criteria for

And last but not least, the criteria for your match.

This is a vital section as clearly states your preferences for a ponential partner and refines the matching system.

About My Date on profile Profile About My Date selections

How's that for a detailed dating profile on the best dating site?!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice the connection here and to see the value.

Wait, there's one more interesting thing we want to enlighten you about!

For those who aren’t confident to shout out to the dating world just yet, you have the option to hide your profile with just one click.

Under 'Settings' there is a 'Visibility Option'; click that and decide whether to show off that smile of yours or to save it for later.

Site Navigation - How to find Your Way Around to Your Match!

What makes one of the best dating sites is its innovate, fun, and constantly evolving interface.

It may be the oldest dating site on the block, but you certainly wouldn’t guess that by the style and design of the website.

It is so 2016!

They get a thumbs up on this one.

The page looks professional, the profiles are detailed, and it is easy to navigate around the site.

The pages are self-explanatory, and if a user needs some help along the way, there is easy access to the Help and Terms & Condition pages.

The only slight downside is that there are loads of features to, and they are all presented on the page, making it slightly busy and aesthetically overwhelming at times.

Site navigation interface

Match's site navigation interface

For the less tech-savvy users out there, this site can be a bit confusing; however, as we said before, there is a detailed Help section and an online support system.

It is just a matter of getting used to and then it's actually exciting and fun to play around with.'s Synapse Matching System – It's All in That "Reverse"

What goes hand-in-hand with the best dating site?

We would say the best matching system!

After all, singles use online dating sites as a platform to find the best ways to date and to meet the right people.

What is Synapse Matching?

To put it simply, it can be termed Intelligent Matching.

What does it do?

Well, it's really simple.

The system picks up on certain criteria, such as:​

Actions speak louder than words!

Their behavior twins open up a wider circle for the site to consider potential matches for you; ones that you would never have considered yourself.

The site has gathered an unprecedented amount of data and information about the science behind online dating.

They know what you will look for even before you do because of research and statistics and mathematical matchmaking.

We bet you never knew that Republicans are more likely to reach across party lines to contact a Democrat, and not vice versa?

Or that a woman who smokes daily is less likely to email a man who doesn’t smoke at all.

And how about which religious orientations reach out to other faiths more openly?

These are just some of the characteristics of Match that makes it the best online dating site. breaks down its matching into 4 options.

  1. Mutual Matches
  2. Reverse Matches
  3. Match Me
  4. Singled Out

Let's look what each one entails:

1. Mutual Matches

A few attributes contribute to the intricacy of the science behind it.

Match generates a list of keywords from your answers in your essay called "Matchwords".

These words are searchable so you need to be sure to review your answers and delete any keywords that you wouldn’t associate with yourself.

Basically, the site takes the information you describe and creates matches for you with people that meet those requirements.

But why is it called mutual?

This is because your information also needs to correspond to what potential partners are looking for.

In other words, you both suit each other's wants and needs!

Here comes the BEST part:

Mutual Match sends you the Daily 5 matches once it finds singles you like and who like you.

The email is basically an introductory system whereby it points out who you may be interested in so you can rate them.

Mutual Matches system's Mutual Matches system

In order to keep receiving daily emails, you need to rate the members.

Once you both rate one another and express interest, it will be time to communicate.

The ice has already been broken for you!

If you don’t enjoy receiving periodic emails, you can simply press the "Reverse Match" button, and you will get a list within seconds.

2. Reverse Matches

Sounds slightly weird, doesn’t it?!

In fact, it's anything but strange.

This concept basically flips the coin onto your potential matches' side.

Reverse Matches system's Reverse Matches system

Instead of basing the match on what you are looking for, the idea is for singles who are looking for a partner with your personality to pop up for you.

It casts a wider net on singles you might not have considered at first glance.

If the matches that pop are not to your taste at all, then it's best to update your profile because the reason they are coming up is because they like what you advertise yourself as.

3. Match Me

This matching attribute places you in the number one spot of the Daily Matches for people you really like.

This is a great way to catch their attention and you don’t have to do anything.

Match does all the work for you!

4. Singled Out does just what the term implies!

It singles out members who really stand out as good matches for you with whom you will most probably have a good spark and connection with.

It is essential to note that if you want these methods to work perfectly and effectively, you need to sign up for a paid subscription membership option.

Match needs to be compensated for its hard work, right?

Most top dating sites require payment for all the features to operate around the clock.

Search Tools – Place the Matchmaking in Your Hands

If you aren’t really into solely throwing caution to the wind, Match puts a lot of power in your hands.

Another reason why this is the best dating site is because you have the choice to be active in your search for love.

Some dating sites, like eHarmony, do all the matching and searching for you so if there isn't anyone that comes up, you don’t have much to do.

Match wants you to have the best of both worlds and therefore there are a myriad of ways to search for that hot single!

She's Hot! - Search Tools

Search Tools - She's Hot!

However, bear in mind that all the search options can be quite time-consuming to say the least.

Sometimes you might just prefer to go with your matches, after all, the matching system is designed to be accurate to save time.

You can search with two search tool components:

But before we get down to business, the most basic feature of all is who is online at the time you are logged in.

Who's Online Who's Online

This gives you an indication of how many people are really using the dating service.

Quick Search:

If you feel that basic or tailor-made keywords and characteristics will do the trick, then the quick route is the one for you.

Quick Search selections on's Quick Search selections

Under the 'Search' Tab you can click on links such as:

How about also looking for singles based on who is online, who has photos, age and location?

The online feature is extremely jacked up in that you can see when the user was last active, whether it was yesterday, within the last hour, or beyond a few weeks.

It helps people who are on the lookout from getting stuck on stagnant accounts!

Some of us aren’t really into the whole blind dating idea.

Select Search filters on's Select search filters

On that note, we then move onto a more advanced type of search if you still can't find what you're looking for.

Advanced Search:

In this case you can browse by a broader list of prospects or opt for the filters, which offer an extensive list of lifestyle, value, interests, background, and appearance customized options.

Advanced Search filter options's Advanced Search filter options

But it doesn’t end there, and this makes the best online dating site…

The search options are intertwined with the matching and special features, mentioned in the other sections, to enhance the online dating experience.

Here are some other selections to pick from: has partnered with a wide range of different brands, whose badges can now be added to your profile.

A potential partner can see at a glance whether you are a Starbucks kinda girl, which teams you support, particular clubs or groups you belong to, and to see what you have in common.

With this search tool, it allows it to search for groups and teams you have in common, to make sure you are not on opposite sides of the table on big game night!

To use this service, you need to create a separate account on the International network.

The international services support many local languages and accept payment by the currency you prefer.

You propose your best date options on your profile and see who responds.

Who knows, it could really determine where you'll go or what you'll do with that special someone without even knowing it.

It's a great conversation starter and acts like a built-in 1st date!

Can't you see how the majority of the work is done for you and by you with the best dating site!

Once you actually meet face-to-face, all the awkward steps are over.

And with such an intricate system and a fruit salad of options, you cannot go wrong in finding that special match!

Photos Requirements on Match - It's Time to Put Your Creativity to the Test

Your photos tell your matches just about you as all the information listed on your profile.

What do we mean?

Well, this is the opportunity to showcase everything unique about yourself in a clean and fun manner.

When we say fun, we don't mean creating a photo shoot on the same day just with different angles.

We're rather leaning towards the idea of presenting to the world what your favorite pastimes are, great shots of your face, and an overall honest portrayal of who you are! is generous when it comes to the amount of photos you can add.

26 at that!

If you feel that Facebook captures the most honest and exciting pictures of you, then go ahead and import from there!

The set-up is much like Facebook in that members can hit the "Like" and "Comment" buttons on your photos.

Now for the serious part…

Once you upload your photos, and finish all the nitty gritty business of cropping and editing, your photograph has to go through modification and receive approval from Match.

You will receive an email to congratulate you on the approval.

Confirmation email for photo requirements's confirmation email for photo requirements

If there are any issues, the email will tell you what to fix.

All the photographs appear on the side of your profile, with your profile picture appearing as the largest, and people who search for you can browse through them.

This is how it looks to you:

Adding photos on Match's profile

Match's profile display for adding photos

This is how it looks to the Match members:

Your Matches' pictures

Your matches' profile pictures

The "Manage my Photos" link enables you to edit and adjust your photos whenever you want.

The difference between and let's say,, is that you can use the site without a picture, whereas Spark requires 1 photo in order for you to proceed to use the dating site.

Communication Options – How to Reach Out to Your Perfect Match

This part is always a deal breaker for online dating users.

Well, you're in good hands with!

There a 3 basic ways to communicate with singles besides for all the extra features and premium add-ons:

  1. Winks - a fantastic way to flirt and break the ice
  2. Emails - the double-blind system
  3. Instant Messenger – quick live chat

Messenger on messenger

When you click on a potential match, you can choose from the 3 options.

What’s more?

You can list the single as a favorite or press, like photos, or "Yes" to the "Interested?" question.

Contact your matches with various Communication options

Communication options with your matches

This is the best dating site because you get the chance to experience the communication options, even if it's on limited capacity.

You do; however, get the opportunity to see if you like Match and if you want to pay and receive even more access.

Free members can send winks, and they can read and reply to emails from premium members.

The site is a bit of a tease because you can see how many people have winked at you, listed you as a favorite, or emailed you, but you can't see who these members are unless you pay up.

Who has contacted you tabs on Match

Who has contacted you on

On the other side of the coin, Match doesn’t harass you with subscriptions popups encouraging you to pay like other dating sites.

The only prompt is when you press to see who has contacted you, you are led to the subscription plans.

Prompt to Subscription Plans on Match

Subscription Plans on

Another cool aspect about the emailing system is that it tells you how much you have in common with the person at the top of the conversation thread. messages display things your have in common with your match

Things you have in common with your match

The mails are color-coded to indicate who needs to make the next move and reply. is all for free expression with its free-writing sections in which people can start new discussions, create extensive profiles and share stories.

So, you have exchanged a few emails, winks and chatted on IM!

You're interested…

All you have to do is press on the "Make a Date" Tab and see where things go from there!

Exclusive Features of the Best Dating Site doesn't fail to impress with its plethora of online dating features.

Something unique about Match, is that it’s always adding or upgrading these features to create an even better online dating experience for singles.

Match boasts a whopping 7 online dating games to encourage interaction between members, as well as to assess the compatibility between these singles.

The games last about 1-5 minutes and include exciting concepts such as:

- Food Critic

- Choose the Best & Worst

- Name That Dance

- Drawn Together

- Gut Reaction

- Romance Rip Off

- If I Could

Well, with Match you'll never have that issue with the awesome Boost package feature.

You can find the tab at the top of your page and buy boosts for your profile.

Boost packages on Match's Boost packages

What do these actually do?

The boosts give your profile that extra push so that you will be noticed by more members and get more winks and emails.
Simple, right?!

We believe so!

The reason is the "Make Love Happen Guarantee" 6-month subscription plan:

If you sign up for a six-month payment plan and you still haven’t found love, guarantees you another 6 months of membership FREE of charge!

That's pretty damn awesome if we say so ourselves!

 Match Affinity is an exclusive attribute to the website and one of its kind.

Affinity Feature on Match Affinity Feature

We haven’t seen anything like this on other dating sites as of yet!

Firstly, it's free!

Secondly, it's extremely helpful personality test that further enhances the compatibility match system.

You just press on the tab and Affinity send you an email and you complete the test.

Match Affinity Test stages

Different stages of Match Affinity Test

Once the test is done, you receive an email with a detailed personality report.

This is a fantastic way to learn more about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner.

You can either pay an extra fee or it comes with the value bundle payment plans.

It's a little sneaky, but that's okay!

This attribute allows you to see if and when your emails and chats to other members have been opened and read.

At the top of your page is a "Shuffle" tab, which leads you to this:

Match's Shuffle Feature

Shuffle Feature on

For those who believe that love is a game of chances and toss ups, then you'll love this!

Once you enter the world of shuffling, lots of potential matches pop up, and it's for you to choose if you want to contact them.

Match's Shuffle Feature -  Take a chance on love

Take a chance on love - Shuffle Feature

Are you going to take that chance??!

When we told you this is the best dating site, we weren’t kidding!

If you are having trouble compiling the perfect dating profile, there is no need to worry!

ProfilePro is there to save the day for a one-time fee!

Match's dating experts review your profile in order to add and edit information to make you stand out.

The experts also offer some online dating advice so that you never stray!

With the Connection Tab, paying members can keep track of all interactions and communications with other Match singles.

You'll see right away what last action was taken and with whom you’ve been in contact last.

The Push Notifications ensure that every member never misses a single potential connection!

Another aspect to it is the My Connections photo gallery tracking attribute, which indicates whose turn is next on the side of each photo with "They're Waiting."

Premium members can always protect their privacy at any stage of the online dating process.

Text or call that hot single anonymously with a new and unique generated phone number that is forwarded to your phone.

The auto-generated MatchPhone number is the one that will appear on the other person's Caller ID.'s Mobile application

Dating on your mobile - Mobile app

Dating on-the-go is possible with these mobile dating applications!

Download the app for free to all iOS devices, tablets, Apple Watch, Blackberry, Android, Android Wear, Palm & Windows Mobile and your number, carrier and model device.

This ensures you receive alerts about all the online activity from winks, to emails, to a summarized newsfeed, to the Stream photo viewing attribute, and all filter, search, and match options!

This innovate app includes pulse notifications and voice command!

If you read all that, extra kudos to you, friend!

At least you can see why is seriously the best dating site out there!

Read on for some more vital information you don’t want to miss!

The "Cost" to Find Your Ultimate Match - We Say There is Nothing at Stake

How much does it cost?

As we always mention as a disclaimer, things change all the time so always check the sites to double check pricing. is also the best online dating site because of its reasonable prices for the quality of online dating you can expect to experience.

It is cheaper than a whole lot of other dating sites!

You can either go Free, Basic or choose from the Value Bundle Plans on a 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly-basis.

Match is often kind and provides 3-day FREE TRIALS which include everything a paid member would receive!

Talk about testing the waters!

Free Dating Trial on Match's Free Dating Trial

This is what you can expect in terms of prices:

Months Basic (US $) Bundle (Value Plans) (US $)
1 41.99  
3 26.99 35.99
6 23.99 31.99
12 20.99 27.99

* A 6-Month Subscription Includes Guarantee

How can you pay?

The site accepts debit and credit cards for:

For a safe and secure method, pick PayPal by clicking on the logo to log in or create an account.

The one disadvantage about Match is that they don’t have any installment plans, except for the 6-month plan.

You have to pay in full when you purchase the plan, whereas for the six month plan you can pay in 3 installments at no extra fee.

Why should you pay?

It's always good to know why it's worth paying for these online dating services when there are many free ones floating around in cyber space.

The truth it, offers Free members quite a substantial amount of features to test the waters out which is unique and what makes it the best online dating site.

Despite this, here are some reasons why you'll want to pay up.

Feature Free Basic Bundle
Create a profile (includes every step and detail)
View & post photos
Earn badges for Match Community to know who you are
Search for matches
Send winks (free members can see but can't view)
Daily matches
General mobile access
Send & receive IMs
Read emails
Reply to members with the Connect Upgrade
Send emails  
See who has viewed you  
Remove members from your search results  
Keep track of Open Connections in one place    
Member Spotlight    
Singled Out Matches    
Priority access to events    
Read Email Notifications    
First Impressions & Top Search    
Connect Upgrade: non-subscribers can read your messages    
Select Upgrade: select unavailable mode or "away" button    

Additional Paid Features

Some singles don’t want to commit to certain bundle plans but fancy a feature or two.

At an additional cost per month, you can select from this range of incredible features:

NOTE: These additional packages are more expensive per month if you pick a shorter membership term.

It is best to contact Customer Care for cases like these and to confirm prices.

Refunds and Cancellations

The trick of the trade in online dating is the automatic renewal subscription.

We just thought we would mention the less pleasant part first and get it out of the way.

Yes, most if not all dating sites use this type of payment method, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

But don’t despair because there is a way around this!

How to turn off auto renew on

You either need a good memory, a reminder on your phone or the click of a button to solve the issue.

There are also extensive FAQs and Terms & Conditions sections about this concept on the website, like this one:

FAQ and Help page on Auto-Renewal's Auto-Renewal FAQ Help page

The idea of an auto-renewal system is to allow for an uninterrupted user experience once the term is up.

The issue is that people forget about this and get a shock when they see they have been debited or charged again!

To avoid complications, switch the auto-renewal button off in your Settings and renew your membership the old-fashioned way.

OR, for those that want to use the button and then change their minds about renewal, make sure you cancel your subscription any time from 24 hours after purchase until 48 hours before the membership ends.

You can do the following by placing your computer mouse over the screen name in the top right-hand side corner of any page of Match.

Alternatively, you have to click on "Mange my Subscriptions" under the "My Subscriptions" tab.

Match's Manage Your Subscription account

Manage Your Subscriptions account on

You will then see a guide of what to do next and then you press "Continue".

Whew…so now that we got that out of the way, let's move onto other logistical things.

You may be wondering how refunds and cancellation work?

Well, here's the deal:

One thing that's great to know is you have a 14-day cooling-off period.

What does this mean?

It means you can make a purchase for a plan and you change your mind, you can contact Customer Service who will guide you step-by-step through the refund process.

This is great news because some dating sites don’t offer refunds! wants singles on the site who really want to be there!!

Beyond 14 days, you cannot plead for one.

That's fair, at least we think so…

Refunds are allowed for first-timer subscriptions and additional features; however, will not be allowed for renewals or purchase of Boosts.

This leads us onto cancellations.

To delete your account press on "My Account Settings" and the scroll down to "Suspend or Delete My Account."

Suspend = to keep your profile and information on the database but to not appear as a member for that period of time.

Delete = lose all access to your account and to be deleted off the database. You will then receive a confirmation email to remove yourself off the site permanently.

Bear in mind, if your account is left inactive for a long time, Match will delete you off the database in order to keep the dating pool fresh with exclusive and viable matches.

Security & Safety – From Going Incognito to Tip Top Dating Tips

So up until now, it's been all fun and games, but every quality service has a serious face!

50 shades of serious, right?

Well, now for the 'gray' part of this review, but an essential one too.

This site can be hailed the best dating site because of its clear mission statement!

Safety & Security Mission Statement on Match's Safety & Security Mission Statement

Now, let's get down to business and see what this fantastic online dating site has to offer. highlights the importance to protect the privacy of all members and to promote honesty and genuine profiles.

Personal information shouldn’t be divulged on profiles whatsoever.

When you're ready to take things to the next step, only then do you share numbers, and names.

There are numerous chat, search, and flirt options to use that you don’t have to resort to spilling it all out there.

The dating site uses a nifty double-blind communication platform so that users can use fake usernames and emails at all time.

Everyone wants to feel secure, right?!

What's a dating site without a dedicated Safety Tips, Privacy & Terms & Conditions Section?!

Some singles are a little clueless when it comes to online dating safety, and so provides a detailed Safety Advice and Code of Conduct link at the bottom of the site by the Help link.

These dating tips and advice spell out some online dating etiquette and rules, as well as what to be cautious about.

Safety Advice & Code of Conduct on Match's Safety Advice & Code of Conduct are also constantly at work to keep the site clean and functional.

Are you feeling a little shy?!

Or is someone bothering you that you wouldn’t mid appearing as shy?

Here are some neat safety features to keep a little bit if a low profile for a while – incognito much!!

- 'Blacklist' functions, which blocks a member from emailing you or sending you a message on Instant Messenger.

- 'Unavailable' mode, which allows you to stay undetected even when you browse

- Contact Filter, which allows you to determine who can contact you through a selection of criteria that matter to you,such as photos or age.

 Anyone who doesn’t match these criteria cannot contact you.

Match's Block features for unwanted people

Block unwanted people on

It is little tips and tricks that truly make this the best dating site with a reliable and secure platform.

I bet you thought that's it, right?

Well there is one more interesting and important fact that makes a secure site to use.

Match is a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA), which means that the site promotes honest communication and behavior. It moniters the activity of the site to ensure it is secure and spam-free.

The logo usually appears at the bottom of the website if the dating site is a member. is a member of the ODA is a member of the Online Dating Association

Customer Care, Help, Success Stories & More - Will Keep You in The Loop

Customer Care Contact Options

Customer Care is one of, if not the most important aspect of any service.

Match takes this seriously and therefore has a helpful and knowledgeable team to lead you through every stage.

You can contact Customer Support via email and phone.

The website is constructed in such a way as to prompt you to read the Help section and FAQs first.

There is even a toolbar prompting you to look up the answers first, which could save you a lot of time.

Help section toolbar on Match's Help section toolbar

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can email Match's support team by filling out the email form.

Customer Care contact form on Match Customer Care contact form

The awesome part is that while you are filling out the form, the site picks up on certain keywords and sends you an answer before you submit the question.

Match provides help every step of the way

Help every step of the way on

If you STILL don't have the answer (ghee whiz), then you submit the question!

Once you send an email to Customer Care, a toolbar confirms that your message has been sent and that you will hear back within 48 hours.

Response time from Customer Care on Match

Customer Care response time on

See, the support team and the site really are designed to help you every step of the way.

They understand that dating online can be quite overwhelming and have therefore set up a system which makes stand out as the best dating site.

Customer Care Response Time

We won't beat around the bush!

We tested this out and boy oh boy, they're fast.

We received a reply within an hour of submitting the email.

Fast Customer Care response time on Match's fast Customer Care response time

The reply provides explanations and links to your question.

If you feel you need that extra helping hand, send their number in the body of the email, and a link to chat with them.

They are pretty active on chat from Monday-Friday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM CDT.

The number isn’t advertised all over the website because there is enough assistance and guidance available before you have to resort to calling.

So that's it for customer care folks!

We think they deserve a Grade A, don't you?!


Basic is best and knows that.

The Help/Contact Section has the most basic and user-friendly interface, and yet answers all the questions anyone can think of in a conversational manner.

The page is divided into different links and sections bases on category and questions.

FAQs page on Match's FAQs page

All you have to do is press on the subject relevant to your query and a list of FAQs about the topic will pop up.

FAQs page step 1 on Match FAQs page step 1

These are links within themselves, and when you press on them the concise and helpful answers will appear, along with other similar questions underneath.

FAQs page step 2 on Match's FAQs page step 2

Success Stories

There is nothing like a great love story! proudly advertises that it is responsible for thousands of marriages and relationships, especially in the USA.

What's more?

To celebrate this fact, there is a Success Stories link at the bottom of the site to encourage other singles about the online dating site's success rate at love.

There is always a reason to show off the best dating site!

Here's what to expect on the page:

You can browse the stories by category

Search filter for Success Stories on Match's Success Stories search filter

Or the first page lists some of the top love stories from you to choose from.

Success Stories on Match's Success Stories page

Once you click on a story, you can read the heartfelt and juicy details about other couples' chances at love, marriage, and happiness.

The love anecdotes are relayed in the words of the couple or one of the partners, and talk about how they met, their first date, and where they are at in their relationships.

It's usually marriage…!

Some people even travel the world together soon after meeting!

And there you have it!

Only the best online dating sites will be able to boasts such incredible love stories!

Success Story of love on Match

A Success Story of love

So, who knows?

Maybe YOU will be's next success story!

Dating Advice has a link for Advice and this leads to the dating safety tips and etiquette we already mentioned in the Safety & Security section.

Dating Advice tab on Match's Dating Advice tab

The dating advice may be short and sweet and this cuts to the chase when it comes to what defines the best online dating site experience.

That's not it though, in case you were wondering.

There are lots of links at the bottom of the page to the blogs, advice and more tips.

Dating Safety, Blog & Advice on Match's Dating Safety, Blog & Advice

And these lead to the incredible page.

Lo and behold.

It includes: has a special section dedicated to social events, and send emails to you about the latest ones to make sure you're in the loop to meet potential matches.

The Stir Events notify you about singles' events around your country!

Each event is customized with matching algorithms for gender, age, and interests.

You can expect each event to run between two-three hours at restaurants, bars and lounges.

Singles mingle and enjoy complimentary appetizers and drink specials at events such as:

- Cooking classes

- Happy hours

- Bowling nights

- Dance lessons

- Wine & Tequila tasting

Dating Advice for different audiences on Match's Dating Advice for specific audiences

You won't believe it!

It doesn’t end here…!

In 2005, launched an online dating magazine called, "Happen".

This magazine includes all things dating with dating advice and articles.

You'll never get bored, let's just put it that way!

Okay, just one more thing!

Your profile and personal mail will occasionally be spiced up with some prompts and advice from the site about how to look for the perfect suitors and matches. is just nice like that.

It's no wonder that they are renowned to be the best dating site out there.


Most singles would like to know what they're getting themselves into before they delve into the world of online dating.

Match definitely considered this, and therefore it is one of the only dating sites that includes a Testimonials section on the site.

Firstly, you can leave a review on the site.

There is a link by the Success Stories section.

Testimonials & Reviews on Match's Testimonials & Reviews

And then you fill in yours and see what others have to say right underneath.

Reviews page on Match's Reviews page

The cool part is that you can get a relative, friend or ex to write a testimonial for you and it will be incorporated to you profile.

Once you send it through, Match will approve it and put it up for everyone to see, like the examples above.

However, every good thing must be in moderation so limits your testimonials to three. Blog

That's it, word's out! has an official dating blog filled with informative articles on all things dating.

The best part is that you can apply to become a blogger.

Yes, you no longer have to keep all your online dating experiences, general dating advice, and love mishaps and experiences bottled up inside.

Dating Blog on Match's Dating Blog

Social Media – Cuz If You Go Big, You Go All the Way

It's no secret or surprise!

By now you have gathered that is up there on the podium for the best online dating site award.

You can find everything you need from an online dating site in one place, and to top it off, there is that X-factor!

Match wants to get as much exposure out there in order to create the best matchmaking service around!

Social media is definitely one of the established ways to get out there and meet that special someone.

This dating service has taken every little detail into account, and therefore there isn't one social media platform that you'll catch missing from!

Here are a number of sites you can find Match on:

You can link your account to and add pictures from Windows Live ID and Facebook.

For those who use Yahoo! Personals, the site powers online dating for singles in America, Australia and many countries throughout South America, Europe, and Asia.

What's the Bottom Line?

Wow, that was a long ride but well worth it!

You have everything there right in front of you about why we think this is the best dating site!

It's always good to be in it TOGETHER like Roger and Anita, and your fluff balls are definitely invited to join in all the love and fun!

It's all in your hands now.

Try is truly a one-of-a-kind dating site for all singles out there. It boasts the veteran status with its launch in 1995, and so it's been around the block with all things dating. Despite its age, this site is at the top of its game with an intricate matching synapse sysyem, fun site navigation, and extensive communication and flirt features. The sky is the limit on Match, and you're sure to establish life-long relationships on the site, whether marriage material or friendships.

Date published:November 20, 2018
8.9 / 10 stars


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