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We are all looking for love, especially on those cold, wintry days; after all, no man is an island!

You may be thinking that a cup of hot cocoa and a good book are enough to keep you content, right?

Deep, deep down you know you your idea of fun is to cuddle up and watch Netflix with a significant other.

Well, imagine what it will mean for your life if we tell you that this fantasy is just one click away from becoming a reality?

So, here's the good news...

We are here to help you find the peanut to your butter and the pop to your tart! provides you with the best chance to find that life-long partner to watch movies and series with until the end of time!


Read this review to find out how could be the best online dating site for you. - Love is in the air!

Love is in the air -!

Pros Cons
Email and telephonic Customer Service Photo requirements very specific (size & scale)
Optional detailed personality questions Profile only approved with at least 1 photo
Free members can reply to emails No intricate matching system
Lots of credit card payment options Automatic renewal for credit card payments
5 Communication & flirt features No Success Stories section
Helpful guides and FAQs  
Fun search tools  
Easy sign up  
Spark TV  


The company launched in 1997 and boasts the title of one of the oldest internet dating sites.

Previously known as and, merged the two dating websites to create an even better online dating experience.

The headquarters are in California, USA, and Canada, but singles around the world subscribe all the time.'s mantra is: "a fun site for serious daters", i.e. the dating site promotes genuine people who are seeking true love; it's not really about hook-ups over here!

The site creates an accessible and fun dating platform for people from all walks of life.

Want to know something interesting? is a flagship enterprise of some of the best internet dating sites that target niche-specific audiences, such as:

These online dating apps and sites target specific communities who are looking for distinctive characteristics for dating, whether it be age, religion and race preferences, to mention a few.

What's more, JDate is broken down into countries so Jewish communities can use the best local dating sites!'s different audience sites

Different audience sites for

Membership – Who Uses This Online Dating Service?

You might be wondering who actually uses and if it is the best site to meet singles online?

Their slogan emphasizes fun yet serious dating and relationships, so much so, that profile information includes a checkbox as to whether kids are on the cards in the future or at the present moment.

Well, here are some remarkable statistics from Alexa and Quantcast that can help you decide if is the ideal place to meet singles online.

We bet you didn’t know that there are more male than female subscribers, or that sexual orientation isn’t an issue; both heterosexuals and homosexuals can join the dating site.

Here's the deal:

This is a breakdown of the age groups:'s membership by age statistics

Membership by age statistics on

Serious relationships and marriage are the ultimate goal of this dating site; however, the age group considered to be the most marriageable one has the least percentage.

The enterprise encourages a multi-racial community; this is what the stats have to show for it:

Racial Background Percentage of Members (%)
Caucasian/White 74
Hispanic/Latino 9
Asian 8
African American 7
Other ethnicities 2

The slanted results of this may be because the company owns niche-specific sites for dating, so people are encouraged to use the tailored options for their needs.

Why is all this information important to you?

When singles seek out different platforms to meet people, online dating offers something unique.

Want to learn what?

It's fact that you can narrow down your choices and save time.

You no longer have to dread the first face-to-face date because you already know what type of a person is waiting for you at the local coffee shop as a result of your online search preferences.

Preferences could be absolutely anything, namely: a non-smoker, animal lover and even graduate degree holder.

Here are the stats for the education level of subscribers:

Yearly income is also a preference and some profiles will even mention the amounts.

Women even specify the height they would prefer their men to be. Search preferences have no limit!

Singing Up Process – It Takes a Matter of Seconds

Details, Questions & Tests

Some dating apps and sites need you to set aside a good hour or so to sign up to their world of dating. creates a balance between time and quality.

The initial sign-up procedure is quick with basic question like gender, sexual orientation and status.

Sign up page on's sign up page

Step-by-step questions make the sign up enjoyable and the "progress" tab at the bottom lets you know how many you have left.

Step-by-step sign up process on's step-by-step sign up process

Once your email and password have been confirmed and you are logged in, there is a second part to the sign-up requirements which takes slightly longer - about 15 minutes.

This is actually the fun part and you will learn things you never knew about yourself in the least expected place -  an online dating website.

Let us explain.

The second part is called the Color Code Personality Quiz that everyone is required to take.

This test is a unique feature to; no other dating websites have this.

The quiz allocates you a color that pops up next to your name, and this makes it easier for people to pick up your personality type at face value.

Read on if you want to find out how this test works in the Features section.

But wait, we're not done!

There is another part but this is completely optional, but highly recommended. The more information you provide about your personality, the higher your chance is of finding love.

This part takes about an hour so patience and real investment is required.

You have the option to answer 20 open-ended essay questions, with eleven of them on page one.

You may be wondering why you should answer these long quizzes? will use all your profile details to create matches with your and other members' profile preferences.

And as we said before, it increases your chances of showing up in search and match tools.

That one hour you dedicate to filling out all the criteria, could determine the rest of your future.


Someone, who would have just skimmed your profile, might hang around and show some interest based on what you have written.

This is the optimal method to find singles who desire love; that it what internet dating websites are all about.

The FAQ page lists ideas for long questions to ask other singles and even yourselves.

It is important for to build long-term, serious relationships and to be a meaningful place to meet singles online.

What Does a Profile Look Like?

Dating profiles should contain everything you want people to know about you.

Personal information, such as phone numbers, last names, personal email addresses and home addresses are not allowed on the profile by the company for safety reasons.

A phone number is shared privately between members once they set up dates.

So, here is what a profile includes:

✓ Basics:

✓ Up to 12 photos: at least 1 photo must be uploaded within 72 hours

✓ The Color Code Test results 

✓ Long essay questions dealing with personality and what makes you unique

✓ Your background and lifestyle

Your ideal match (which helps for search preferences)

A One of a Kind Color Code Personality Test

If you haven’t read everything, this will the best time to do so.

The quiz is required by everyone upon signing up, including free members.

This quiz makes stand out from other online dating sites.

There is much to tell so hold tight!

The test takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Now, let's see why the test is worth your time.

The quiz was designed by Dr. Taylor Hartman. Yep, they have a professional testing system.

There are four colors: red, blue, white and yellow.

Each one represents a personality type.

Dr Taylor Hartman's Color Code Test results on's Color Code Test results by Dr Taylor Hartman

The test allocated percentages, based on your answers, to see which kind personality you are:

The quiz highlights your core motives behind your decisions and actions as a child.

The quiz is divided into 45 clusters of 4 words or descriptions.

All you have to do is pick the word that best applies to you in each scenario within the cluster.

The answers are broken down into percentages so that a color can be allocated to the profile.

Each personality has good traits and drawbacks.

It is important to note that this feature isn’t a matching system but rather to build meaningful matches and relationships.

It tells you a lot about who you are and how personality types get on with each other.

Once you complete the, a 15-page explanation of the results is sent to you which you can access in the Color Tab.

This test can only be done once.

The point of this quiz is to allocate colors to everyone so that colors appear in the search tools, mini-profiles and profile pages. You can seek love potentials by color.

To hide your color, the Color Code Settings Link is available, so that it doesn’t appear on your profile page or search results.

It gets even better.

There is a Send to Friend Link at the top of the results page to send to friends who are not members of the dating site.

This is a great way to learn about yourself, so go on ahead and complete the test.

Site Navigation – Is it Really "FUN"? keeps the spark alive with its fun site layout.

The different communication, pursuit for singles and flirt options are clear to see.

All the icons can get a little confusing, but a comprehensive guide with pictures and meanings is provided in the FAQ section.

Help page of icons on's icon Help page

One drawback of the website interface is that there are too many adverts all over the page and this can get distracting.

Want to discover how to solve it?

Subscribe by paying and the adverts disappear!

Now, let’s get to the juicy parts!

Let's investigate what it is about that makes it a worthwhile online dating site.

Communication Options – How Can You Reach Your Potential Love?

Communicating on - communicating

Communication is everything on a dating site so has maximized the opportunity to reach your future love.

There are 5 ways to chat and what's more, free users also get to enjoy a lot of these benefits.

  1. How about the good old email? Free members can receive emails and reply once. Users who pay can initiate conversations and send as many mails as they like.
  2. Instant Messenger (IM) comes with cool features but you have to subscribe to enjoy them. This is what you can expect: 
    • One-one-one video chats
    • Audio texts
    • Can view the mini-profile
    • Can add to Favorites
    • Can see when someone is typing
    • Away button
    • Flood control for those fast fingers
    • Can play Games in the chat
    • Auto-reply for when you are away
    • Smileys, colors and bold letter
  3. e-Cards: There are over 50 different categories and 500 different cards. Premium members can personalize the cards. sends the cards to the onsite inboxes as well as the personal email with a link to the card.
  4. Message Boards/Forums: There are lots of different chat rooms and discussion boards going on from relationships, to dating and even current events and news. Subscribers can post new topics, view the replies and reply. Free users can browse the first page only.
  5. The coolest chat options, or a way to initiate a chat, are the flirt features which will elaborate on soon, so stick around for the fun part!!!

Flirt & Search Features – What Makes Unique? make it exceptionally fun to spread the love and for singles to mingle online.

The internet dating website encourages flirting to meet your love match the fastest way.

So, here's the kicker:

What does this attribute do?

It acts as an ice-breaker with one-liner sayings to get the love rolling. Singles send these flirts to the onsite inboxes, which are divided into categories, such as sincere, romantic and humorous pick-up lines.

How does it work?

Fifty percent of the list is centered on your activity, while the other fifty is the others' activity and preferences that match your dating profile.

These are custom links created by the Hot List according to whom you have dated and who you have spoken to etc.

The list is updated regularly and cleans out potential love matches from your viewed list that have been sitting there for a long time.

It keeps things fresh and fun!

You have the option to remove yourself from the Hot Lists.

The secret to this attribute is that it picks preferences but it is not limited to this.

It acts according to what you and others have specified in their profiles so that unexpected matches can turn up.

This online dating feature looks for people you wouldn't have otherwise come across.

Here's the deal:

Paying subscribers are updated about topics they are interested in. They can watch the topics online by pressing on the Topic Tools menu.

Subscribers are notified about new topics or updates on current ones with either immediate notifications or a daily email.

Last but not least, the best online dating attribute on yet.

Wait for it….

Secret Admirer flirt feature on's Secret Admirer flirt feature

This is an entertaining and clever internet dating device which is very useful for setting up the perfect match.

Let us explain how it works:

Next to each person is a Yes, No or Maybe button? The aim is to divide singles up into categories based on the level of interest.

If you press Yes, the dating site sends your profiles to the person you secretly admire. send a secret admirer alert email to the person's personal email address.

But here is where it gets interesting.

This person will not know you have secretly admired them; they can only guess because your profile is sent with a few others who show up compatible matches according to the's matching tools.

They can only find out if they also press Yes.

If both parties press Yes, sends an introductory alert email to both dating parties to initiate a conversation.

It is then time to set up a date and share numbers!

Search & Matching Tools: How to Look for Potential Singles on the Site?

There are so many Search Tools available on that you will never get bored.

Your love match is only a click away and here's how to find him or her.

Firstly, the Search Options either come in a list or gallery form - whatever tickles your fancy.

A lot of these options are part of the awesome features that this online dating site offers to build meaningful and serious relationships with long-term goals in mind.

  1. Quick search: You can look for potential love matches by gender, age, location and filter by newest, most active, closest to you or most popular.
  2. Advanced Search: This takes the detailed essay questions, as well as appearance and lifestyle traits into consideration. There a filters for smoking, drinking, body type, religion, education and more.
  3. Photo Gallery Search: An easy way to seek potential matches. It shows you the latest photos in the gallery and how long they have been there for with the username and age. There are filter settings by newest, gender, country and age.
  4. Your Matches: This is based on your color, your profile, relationship and match preferences and filters by newest, most active, closest to you or most popular. Regular mails are sent to you with potential sweethearts (Secret Admirer attribute).
  5. Mini-profiles: These offer basic information, including the color, age and gender without having to click on the profile page.
  6. Keyword search: Phrases and words that describe your ideal match, e.g.: smart, funny, enjoys dining out etc.
  7. My Host List: Members you have hot listed or who have hot listed you.
  8. Who's checking Me Out/who have I checked out? Who you’ve viewed or who browsed your profile.
  9. Online Users: Look up singles who are online and customize the filters by gender, age, location and language.
  10. Flirts: Individuals you have flirted with and have flirted with you.
  11. Sorting individuals by preferences: Sort by categories, for example: can't wait to meet, currently dating, just my style, have potential, within a 50-mile radius, great but long distance, like the same music, etc.
  12. Members you have emailed or they emailed you.
  13. Look up a potential sweetheart by name of member number.
  14. Look which profiles were recently updated.

But there is a shortcut!

The quick Search Widget is everywhere on the dating website for quick access. doesn’t work like other online dating sites in that it doesn’t match according to your actions, i.e.: certain appearances you keep clicking, but rather the information you provide.

It searches for serious long-term matches and relationships according to what you have written and listed as your relationship preferences.

For those of you who don’t other matches to see that you have viewed the, there is a hide option.

In the Profile Settings, there is a Hide/Show button. doesn’t recommend you hide yourself because you could be missing out on the opportunity to meet all potential singles online; one of them could be the love of your life.

It is better to connect.

The company encourages online dating to maximize the pursuit of serious love matches with the various communication options. A single person could click on you if he/she saw you viewed their profile.

Photos – Believes in Love at First Site

Well, to be honest, the internet dating platform actually promotes more than just physical attraction, and yet photos are extremely important.

A profile will not be fully approved until a profile picture is uploaded within 72 hours after sing-up.

The photo requirements are also strict; there are certain size and composition regulations.

Photo requirements on's photo requirements

It takes about 24-48 hours for the team to approve your photo. send a confirmation email to the user once it has been approved, and this is the procedure for every photo that is added.

Profiles are allowed up to 12 photos for the search gallery which we spoke about in the features section.

Photos make the site fun and help you to choose a potential lover more easily as people can add photos of their doing their favorite pastimes, like fishing, playing with dogs or even rock climbing.

The possibilities are endless as long as the rules are adhered to.

For those who aren’t keen for the whole world to see your photograph, has taken you into consideration.

How, you may ask?

Once you have added a photo and it has been approved, you can hide your profile so not everyone can see it.

If someone searches for you by name or member number, then your photo will show up.

The whole point is to engage in the love game, so to better your chances at finding long- term, serious relationships. recommends for you to appear in all the search tool options so users can see you for better matches.

Pricing – Is a Free Online Dating Site?

Yes, it's FREE, but not if you wish to maximize your internet dating experience.

Before we explain what we mean, we have to emphasize a unique feature of the website!

It is the only online internet dating site that allows free members to fully interact with paying subscribers, but this is also limited to an extent. Those looking for free love can only receive emails and reply once upon receipt.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are 3 payment options and monthly fees for subscription:

  1. 1-month deal: $24.99
  2. 3-month deal: $14.99 ($44.97 in one installment)
  3. 6-month deal: $11.99 ($71.94 in one installment)

There is also a Premium payment option for those who want to up their chances to meet that someone special. You get spotlight for your profile which appears at the top of searches and match lists.

  1. A 1-month subscription: $29.99
  2. A 3-month subscription: $17.33 ($51.99 in one sum)
  3. A 6-month subscription: $12.99 ($77.94 in one sum)

Why Should You Pay?

It's simple: your quadruple your chances of meeting someone with all the different communication, flirt and search tool options, which are exclusive to paying members.

These are the benefits if you pay:

  Free Monthy Monthy Premium
Unlimited Access  
Remove Ads  
All communication options Reply only once
Message Boards (View & Reply) View first page only  
Spotlight profile    
Personalize e-Cards    

How Can You Pay?

You can pay by Credit Card or by mailing a check or money order to the offices in Santa Monica.

The help section provides all the relevant information. accepts several cards, such as:

There is one disadvantage with credit card payments, especially because it's the most convenient way to pay.

People with credit cards get an automatic subscription renewal following the previously selected plan.

If you want to change the subscription plan or cancel membership altogether, this has to be done before the previous plan ends.

To cancel subscription, log in and change the "Member Services" section.

Can You Get a Refund or Cancel Subscription?

Found your love so quickly?!

Well, there is a no refund policy but this could be a good thing just in case it didn’t work out after a few dates.

If you have sign up for 3 months and decide to cancel after a month, you cannot get a refund but the plan remains valid until the plan ends.

Once you cancel your subscription, your profile remains on the site for free.

To removes yourself from, there is a selection on your dating account.

What's more, if you remove your profile, it doesn’t end the subscription as long as it is still in its active stage.

There you have it, you're a swipe away from finding your love!

Security Measures to Stay Safe when Dating Online

Now, here's the serious but important part.

For, safety and security is vital to ensure the best user experience for those serious-minded singles in pursuit love.

To avoid spammers, the administrative team checks for automated sign-ups, i.e.: it checks for logical names and passwords and all the information needs to be filled in.

No individuals under the age of 18 are allowed to register 18 year olds aren’t looking for serious love and relationships, now are they?!

No individuals who are incarcerated my sign up; we don’t think a penitentiary is the ideal meet up spot for that perfect first date!

Do you see the value the invests in their users?

Well, we aren’t done yet.

The sign-up process is only done in English, along with the actual website usage, so customer service can monitor everything.

Pictures and profiles are reviewed before a profile is approved. There are also reviewed here and there to ensure quality control.

Users are not allowed to put personal information onto their profiles such as:

The personal email address and password are confidential and so no other users can view them or have access to them.

Is someone bothering you?

Safety & security measures on Spark

Spark's safety & security measures

Well, report users on the Report User Feature. This feature discourages abusive behavior and spam accounts and administration will remove these users and activities off the website.

There is also the choice to add users you do not want to communicate with to blocked lists. They can be unblocked if you wish.

So, these are the ins and outs of the online dating safety measures which the company takes seriously.

Help & Advice: From Tech Assistance to Relationship Advice

Contact Options

Contact Us Customer Care page on Spark

Spark's Customer Care Contact Us page sticks to its promises:

Customer Care automatic reply on's Customer Care automatic reply page

Customer support replied within a few hours after sending a mail.

The support mail procedure is simple.

You go to the Contact Us page and fill out a form in the community section and voilà!

Customer Service fill-out form on's Customer Service fill-out form

Here, is the detailed answer. The team invests in answering in full and not with an automated system.

Customer Service reply on's Customer Service reply

The unique Customer Care feature on is the U.S. toll-free number to call. Email is not the only option.

Things are easier over the phone, aren’t they?

The team is extremely friendly, patient and helpful on the phone.

This makes the whole experience worthwhile and makes you feel like you are investing in quality internet dating site.

Better still…

The help and advice section are in clear and basic English for everyone to understand- no lawyers needed. notifies everyone when any privacy and terms of use changes occur.

There is a Help button and link at the bottom of every page for icon explanations and other help tools.

As we said before, the dating website is in English but there are selection tools sorted by language so this encourages a wider dating pool.

Dating Advice

After all, it's an online dating website, and it wouldn’t be complete without some dating tips about what to look for in a person and the "Dos and Don’ts" on first dates.

Dating safety tips & advice on's dating safety tips & advice

It doesn’t end here, Spark.TV is the coolest thing around with mini-series on dating tips, body language and dating mishaps.

There are also tips on how to write the first email to break the ice.

Help & FAQs

This section doesn’t disappoint either.

The page is divided into Top Member Queries and Inquiries by topic.

FAQs page - - FAQs page

When you press on the top questions, the information appears right underneath.

Detailed FAQs page on's detailed FAQs page

The Queries by Topic lead to another page with all the answers that fall under the relevant topic.

All questions addressed on's FAQs page - All questions addressed on FAQs page

Technical Advice

The FAQ page leads to technical advice for those having trouble navigating the site.

The steps are depicted step-by-step with pictures and basic rules.

Technical Help page on's Technical Help page

Success Stories

There is one thing missing from the site - quite an important aspect we'd say.

The FAQ section includes a question about success stories. claims it has love and marriage success stories worldwide as the answer.

Success and marriage rate on's FAQs page - Success and marriage rate on FAQs page

While we may believe this, it would be lovely to put a face to these success stories of marriage, true love and lasting partnerships.

Social Media: Only Twitter? Really, isn’t too active on social media platforms but they do have a twitter account…

…which wasn’t updated since 2011!

Social media is a good way to see how active the site is and who is signing up to meet singles online.

All's Fair in Love and War (What’s the Bottom Line)

So, you could be considering what the overall quality is?

Here goes:

For serious and long-term dating, love and relationships, this is one of the best internet dating sites.

If you prefer a specific community only, it is recommended to subscribe to's niche-specific online dating websites to enhance your search.

This site does not have the biggest diversity of people, although it definitely promotes that outlook.

The site doesn’t use a sophisticated matching system and some profiles have missing information because the long essays are optional.

It is considered more of an American online dating site because it is based in California.

It is easier for American online dating users to send money and check orders to prevent automatic contract renewal.

In sum, it's worth the chance, even if it's just for that Color Code quiz.

Try is an online dating site which promotes singles to search for serious relationships and matches.  Whatever walk of life you come from, Spark is there to help you establish and foster a meaningful relationship that can lead into marriage. The site boasts the slogan "a fun site for serious daters", and that is exactly what it provides with its innovate Color Code Personality quiz and more. Gear up for some fun, exploration and serious love!

Date published:November 18, 2018
8.4 / 10 stars


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