Detailed Dating Reviews on Our Top Rated Dating Sites

The BestDatingSite.Reviews team presents you with detailed, well-researched, and thorough dating reviews of the best internet dating services.

The procedure is simple, and we value our readers enough to share our secret and tools of the trade into how we pick and review our top rated dating sites.

Our goal is to offer top-notch reviews for the dating sites we discern as the best on the market.

We endeavor to provide information about each internet dating service in terms of:

  • How it works
  • Which online dating features it offers
  • What makes the site unique, as well as its rating

Read below to learn the ins and outs of our team's review process to see why and how we offer quality dating reviews.

A list of our dating reviews:

Below is a comprehensive list of all the internet dating services we have reviewed, along with summaries of what each one has to offer.


eHarmony has accounted for 5% of marriages in the US, and hence prides itself to be the best online dating site to find a spouse. With its intricate scientific matching compatibility system, established by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, you cannot go wrong in finding love online. All the matching is done for you when you create an intricate profile, so hold tight and wait for Mr or Mrs Right to sweep you off your feet in no time.

FriendFinder is a good dating site for any kind of relationship, especially for singles dating online looking to have fun and to, ultimately, find love. The online dating site boasts a streamlined user interface with easy site navigation, and to top it off, there are a myriad of communication options, flirt features, and interactive platforms. Try your hand at the Interactive Magazine filled with articles, poems, advice, forums and polls, or blog about your personality and life on your profile. There is so much more to look forward to and we don't want to give away too much. So sign up for free to get a taste of what's in store for silver and gold members. is a fantastic place to meet singles online, whether it's for a casual or serious relationship. This dating site has also been around for quite some time, since its launch in 1997, and has you covered with everthing you need to have some fun online. The website operates from several countries such as the USA, Brazil, Germany, and Spain, but it is accessible for everyone worldwide.

Match is truly a one-of-a-kind dating site for all singles out there. It boasts the veteran status with its launch in 1995, and so it's been around the block with all things dating. Despite its age, this site is at the top of its game with an intricate matching synapse sysyem, fun site navigation, and extensive communication and flirt features. The sky is the limit on Match, and you're sure to establish life-long relationships on the site, whether marriage material or friendships.

Spark is an online dating site which promotes singles to search for serious relationships and matches.  Whatever walk of life you come from, Spark is there to help you establish and foster a meaningful relationship that can lead into marriage. The site boasts the slogan "a fun site for serious daters", and that is exactly what it provides with its innovate Color Code Personality quiz and more. Gear up for some fun, exploration and serious love!

What makes our dating reviews special?

Our BestDatingSite.Reviews team undergoes a thorough and all-encompassing process to ensure that we provide accurate, detailed, and interesting reviews and articles.

Every tiny detail matters to us!

The aim of the game is to offer readers a user-experience like none other when it comes to learning and discovering all there is to know about a given service.

Any questions that come to mind about internet dating services are most probably covered from top to bottom in these extensive reviews.

What's more?!

We want our readers to choose wisely!

And we understand that this depends on us.

To bridge the gap between readers' informed decisions and the quality services, we deliver outstanding content and guidance, so that picking from one of the top rated dating sites is easy as pie.

In a nutshell: what makes our dating reviews special?

  • Attention to detail
  • Tried and tested experience by our dedicated team
  • Filling in the gaps of what other user review sites do not include
  • Adding that X-factor to each review and article to keep our readers wanting more & more

What is the procedure for reviewing internet dating services?

So we have outlined what makes our dating reviews unique.

But you may be wondering how we actually go about delivering the aforementioned to perfection.

Well, lucky for you because you've won a golden ticket to take glimpse into the inner-workings of the BestDatingSite.Reviews factory!

Here is a broken down list of the effort that goes in to creating our masterpieces; if we say so ourselves!

It truly is an art!

Here goes:

  1. Extensive research is done about everything that is already written about the dating site or topic of the article.
  2. The writer compares different user review sites to get an overall picture of what readers are looking for and need to make informed decisions.
  3. The team member signs up to the dating service to experience what the website is like, how it works, what makes it special, and what needs to be improved.
  4. Screenshots are taken during the whole process so as to offer a visual explanation along with the written guidance and knowledge for our readers.
  5. A significant part that is usually left out is taken very seriously by our writers: reading the FAQs and Terms & Conditions of each site for vital information. We know the readers can do this themselves, but things like the infamous auto-renewal button on internet dating services can easily be overlooked, and so we pride ourselves on covering every little avenue.
  6. Overall, the research comprises of factual points and evidence, as well as the informed opinion of the writer.
  7. All the writing goes down and the final result proves that there is a method to all the madness - a perfect review!
  8. We said perfect, but there is always room for improvement! The writer makes sure to revise the review or article every so often so as to ensure the inclusion of any changes or updates made to the internet dating service.
  9. We are always happy to receive feedback; after all, that means our quality content is reaching out and making a difference in our readers' lives, and so we include any helpful questions or observations made by our readers to our content.
  10. All these steps are repeated on a regular basis so as to ensure that our team boasts professional and expert members on all things online dating! They are wise enough to pick the top rated dating sites in their sleep, so you are definitely in good hands!

So there you have it, in 10 easy steps!

As you can see, the procedure is long, and our team members go to meticulous efforts to offer you a wonderful, fun, and enlightening experience so that you make the correct decision without any doubt or apprehension.

How do we select the top rated dating sites?

The selection process depends on several aspects.

  • We team up with dating sites that have affiliate programs.
  • We research all the relevant dating websites.
  • We sign up for and test the internet dating services.
  • Out of this list, we pick the ones we feel offer the best user experience for particular audiences, and we rate & rank them accordingly.

Our aim is to review as many dating websites to our readers as possible so that they have a fair selection to choose from.

We value everyone's particular needs, and we are aware that each individual seeks specific characteristics from an internet dating service.

In turn, we ensure that we have everyone covered by exploring different audiences and niches within the broader scheme of the online dating vertical.

Every single in search of love, friendship, companionship, and dating has something to gain from reading our helpful reviews and articles.

To put it simply:

We select a list of top rated dating sites to benefit our readers' online dating desires and needs.

How accurate are our dating reviews?

We aspire to offer dating reviews that cover every aspect of the niche in accordance with the most recent and updated version of the relevant internet dating services.

The accuracy of the content is based on comprehensive research done by the writer regarding the services, as well as the team member's testing of the service.

Things change, so it is also the responsibility of the reader to check out the relevant internet dating services for him/herself.

We strive to update any changes made to any service, such as: price, site navigation, and new features, but sometimes the clock is against us and we don't update you in ample time.

However, this is rare because we conduct monthly checks on anything we have written and published.

In short, you are in good hands when it comes to accurate, reliable, and efficient content.


You are always welcome to double check!

Which audience do we target in our dating reviews?

As we mentioned before, we cater for different audiences all in search of love.

How do we manage to do this?

We research the different target audiences and niches within the online dating vertical and review the top websites for each one.

To be precise, here is a list of some of the audiences we target:

  • Christian
  • Senior
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Black
  • Jewish
  • US Dating
  • UK Dating
  • Local Dating

Everyone matters, and hence we are always expanding and adding dating reviews for as many audiences as possible.

Luckily, most of the internet dating services cater for a myriad of audiences simultaneously, or they have different domains or partner sites for a specific group of singles linking to the main site.

The bigger the site, and the more offshoots it has, the better chance you have of meeting people in your area with the same outlook about dating as you.

What does this mean?

It means you can never go wrong; there is definitely the perfect internet dating site out there for you.

It just comes down to one thing:

Read the reviews and pick the one that tickles your fancy the most!

Who reads our dating reviews?

Singles from all walks of life read our reviews on our top rated dating sites.

We target audiences from all over the world, with a particular focus on the U.S., UK, and Europe.

The dating sites we review cater for people of all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, race, and gender.

The dating reviews are sorted into categories on our home page to make them more accessible for people seeking particular audience-orientated sites.

Note; however, the certain criteria the internet dating services expect from singles using the websites:

  • You have to be over 18.
  • You cannot be incarcerated.
  • You cannot be married or separated.

In other words, the online dating world is multi-faceted and colorful, and so too, is our awesome BestDatingSite.Reviews website.

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